Ross Ayotte of Smiths Falls HYDRO DISASTER IN ONTARIO lte OCT 16, 2016

Letter to the editor – Hydro disaster in Ontario
The Liberals added the 8% HST tax on our hydro bill to begin with now premier Wynne announces that she is going give us back the 8% HST in a tax rebate and thinks she helping us .   I know some of you will say Premier Wynne is also going to drop the delivery rate charge for low density users by 20% but here is the catch  Hydro One’s  approved a three-year (2015, 2016, 2017) distribution rate increase of 19%. on all their customers  with rate increases like this these the rebates will do nothing, as we will continue to get our May 1st & November 1st rate increase every year on our hydro usage then we continue get our delivery charge increases every year with other increases .

Based on a combination of  IESO data,  in 2015 our hydro produced by nuclear 60% – hydroelectric 24% – natural gas 10%- wind 6% – solar <1% – bioenergy <1%

The liberals must address the real issues which is wind & solar power has a major cost associated with them as they produce unreliable power and need to be back up by gas or nuclear plants which causes us to over produce hydro then when we over produce hydro we pay wind & solar farms and our  gas and nuclear plants to shut down our hydroelectric plants continue to run at partial capacity as we divert water from them and all this gets added on to our hydro bill.

Ross Ayotte Smiths Falls
Source of info listed below

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How much of Ontario’s electricity comes from nuclear power? Hydroelectricity? … nuclear 60%; hydroelectric 24%; natural gas 10%; wind 6%; solar <1% … same as other generation sources when you look at electricity production in Ontario? … A standard unit for measuring electrical energy produced or consumed over time …

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Sep 29, 2016 – Since the Liberal government first took office, average households in … Frankly, a rebate that saves ratepayers less than 36 cents/day is too little, too late. … After spending months denying a hydro crisis even existed, the Wynne … into effect until 2017), but stifles debate by the opposition on real solutions.

Decision on Hydro One’s 2015-2019 Distribution Rates Application …

Jun 10, 2015 – Hydro One had requested a 29% increase to distribution rates over 5 years … The OEB thusly denied Hydro One’s request for five year rate setting, but did … Delivery charges are only one aspect of your bill (though for low-use

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Sep 12, 2016 – The Liberals announced the plan in Monday’s throne speech … That program also saved ratepayers just over $130 a year, and also cost about $1 billion annually. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation said Premier Kathleen Wynne was … “Six years later the premier says she’ll rebate the HST, but people ..

Paying wind farm operators not to produce power an example of ……/payingwindfarm-operators-notproducepower-example-205…

Sep 11, 2013 – Related: Ontario starts paying wind turbines not to produce … Fraser Institute estimated subsidizing green power such as wind and solar would …

Gridmonsters attack! | Guest column | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun

May 7, 2016 – Wind, solar power are inefficient, unreliable and make electricity grid … In addition, in Ontario, most wind and solar energyis generated when not needed. In fact, wind and solarfarms” have become troublesome “gridmonsters”. … electricity, we pay solar and wind energy producers to not produce power.


  1. Well Iowa seems to have added 30% wind, and at the same time, reduced Coal generation by the same. I for one love the idea that my kid breathes much cleaner air because of wind and solar. According to the IESO website, our exports jumped up back in 2005 when Pickering came back on line. Way before any wind and solar were added to our grid. Mexico’s auction for renewables was 4 cents US or 6 cents.

  2. Just one of the many factors which have contributed to Ontario becoming a have not province (since 2009). We have joined the ranks of Quebec (which has never been a net contributor). Mismanagement, self serving interests and political opportunity by corrupt liberal idealists have placed a once great province into a financial “Mariana” trench. How long will the rest of Canada be able to support us?

  3. Wind and solar power are fine as alternatives. But not at the rates they are being paid to produce energy. Make those rates realistic and green energy might work in Ontario.

  4. In life where there is an up there is a down and yes the economy of Canada and the entire world is coming down and people are going to pay for it. WWIII is coming soon and it is the October surprise. When I was a child we lived with a wood stove and coal before oil. Make quilts and live in the old ways. When the big war comes we may be living with candles and lanterns.

  5. On news today they mentioned about a 26% reduction in house prices and it will turn into 16% unemployment. Deuche Bank (German Bank) in Germany is in terrible financial trouble and this will soon start the collapse worldwide. Watch Wall Street collapse and we will be in a financial state not seen since the Great Depression of the 30’s. I told all of you before and I got laughed at.

  6. Germany is not Canada and Canada is not Germany. It’s a relatively simple concept, but some don’t get it. Comparing apples to oranges just doesn’t make sense.

  7. Hugger that is where you are wrong dead wrong. Germany runs the European economy and when Europe fails so does the entire world. Wait and see what is going ot happen very soon and I mean that. The US stock market is going to fail and when that happens WW3 and even before Russia and Europe have been telling their people to prepare in food and other necessities but no word here in the far west.

  8. In news it was told that the housing market is going to plumet at least 26% to start and 16% unemployment here in Canada. That was a jolt but one that I knew was coming for many long years. It is going to be much worse than that and I guarantee that. Things are not good as they stand at the present time and just give it a little time and you will see what I am talking about.

  9. Oh before I forget Jules you have to tell what you saw. I was just on something about the best and worst places to do business and Cornhole was on there as one of the worst places to do business. Are you reading me Jamie? Brockville is another of the worst places and there are others. Calgary is finished as well.

  10. Author

    Jules I have a hunch Calgary isn’t finished 🙂 It’s a fine community.

  11. Like a lot of people say…don’t believe everything you read on the internet. For every bad (?) thing Jules can find on the internet there is an item that says the complete opposite. Like my doctor said take what you find on the internet with a grain of salt….and it isn’t always right.

  12. Jamie and Hugger Calgary is finished economically because of the oil and gas industry. My husband read in his papers back home that Saudi Arabia is in trouble as well – the oil industry has gone down and the first time that this has happened to the Saudis. The Saudis cannot pay their workers. That fire in Alberta put the nail in the coffin for Calgary and all of Alberta.

  13. Jamie I never said that Calgary wasn’t a fine community I am talking about the economy finished in Calgary not the good people of the city. Alberta was the engine of Canada and now it is the city with a mighty high unemployment and the worst among the big cities and I was shocked to read that but yes I believe that because the oil and gas industry has gone to hell world wide.

  14. To think a city relies on one industry to survive is just wrong. Saying that is like saying Ottawa was finished when the federal government decided to spread offices across Canada. Calgary is far from finished. This just goes to illustrate what I said earlier….don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  15. Hugger1 ….If you agree that Niagara Falls is a “green energy source”. If you agree that the James Bay project also falls into the same category than how can anyone logically defend spending billions (largely unaccounted for) on a energy alternative that has proven to be anything but effective on any level except political self indulgence?

  16. I do agree with Brian Wark on one thing and that is cleaner air and that is true about the windmills. What I dont like are those nuclear plants at all and they should be taken apart forever.

  17. I don’t know where you got the idea I agreed with the Ontario government’S green energy plan. It is anything but efficient and effective.

  18. Hugger Jamie didn’t post everything that I said. I said that if it was a smaller country like Holland and other small countries of its size then the windmill system would work more efficiently but not here in Canada. I get things posted that are not all complete and so much left out. I don’t like those nuclear plants and that is true as well.

  19. Hugger I didn’t say that windmills were more efficient than the system that we have now for hydro. I just said that the air is cleaner with the windmills but not for efficiency at all. I don’t get much being posted and if you saw my posts then you would get a real eye opener for sure. LOL LOL. You are only getting half my posts.

  20. No matter what we choose to heat and light our house and for cooking we are going to pay a great deal of money and taxes upon taxes like you wouldn’t believe possible. Years ago we had a house of our own in Cornhole and had electric heat OUCH! and we even used the wood stove for extra heat and that was expensive as well – wood wise, dirty and dangerous.

  21. We had our wood stove in the rec room and hubby and I were watching TV and I fell asleep and hubby woke me up to go up to bed. Well I woke up very drousy, couldn’t turn off the TV, fell on the stairs going up and while in the bedroom I fell and hit my head on the wall. I had some sort of asfixiation and didn’t want to go to the hospital – I am very stubborn. My son screamed and hubby ran up.

  22. Hugger1…sorry if I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. It was exactly has you stated “anything but efficient or effective”. We already had a green energy source that we could have simply used more of without spending 10″s of billions of taxpayers dollars. Niagara Falls is nature providing power without a footprint. But the need to create a new tax (carbon) is politically driven (not valid).

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