Cornwall Panics As Walmart Shut Down After Hydro Blackout Friday Night OCT 22, 2016

Cornwall Ontario –  In a town with a large senior population, a black out hitting the busiest boulevard around Early Bird time was brutal Friday night.    City lights and most of the Brookdale and Downtown core were dark during a massive rain storm.

The black out lasted between approximately 6 PM and 8PM.

Some bright spots existed.   The Scores restaurant reported wait times of over 20 minutes as hungry seniors packed their parking lot.

Traffic lights were out making intersections such as 9th and Cumberland treacherous, as well as on Brookdale.

The Cornwall Community Police service said that there were over  100  calls placed because of the black out, but only a few vehicle incidents with no reports of injury or ambulance assistance.

With the first snow due to fall Saturday night hopefully power will remain.


  1. You sound like my wife at times. Whenever there are heavy winds, rain or snow she says the power will go out. It needs a rest.

  2. Author

    Hugger the power did go out 🙂 Sounds like you have a really smart wife…

  3. But everytime? And it didn’t go out here. It’s like living with the boy who cried wolf.

  4. Hugger your wife sounds like an intelligent woman. When I was a kid in Cornhole the power did go off sometimes and mom always believed in a woodstove which was handy. Well when we owned our house that woodstove saved us when we had no power. We lived with that woodstove for an entire week and we were scared out of our wits. Your wife must be a smart cookie and a saint.

  5. As I said earlier Jules “But everytime? And it didn’t go out here. It’s like living with the boy who cried wolf.” Tiresome at times.

  6. Hugger it is best to be safe than sorry. Mom used to always be prepared if the electricity goes out and she experienced so many times when the power would go out especially in winter months. Be thankful to have a good woman like what you have and to avoid being stuck with no heat. We lived with the woodstove for a whole week in Cornhole.

  7. We had electricity where I live here in Ottawa and I haven’t heard if anyone was shut down elsewhere. The winds were very high yesterday and cool outside and lots of rain. The townhouses below have fireplaces in their living rooms and they were on the go since in houses it gets damp.

  8. Fireplaces are one thing. But if there’s no hydro it’s hard to run natural gas fireplaces, they also run on hydro. Her constant boy who cried wolf mentality gets to me at times. But better to have a gas fireplace than a wood fireplace. Insurance companies do not like wood fireplaces.

  9. Hugger is I ever fell on my head and purchased another house I too would prefer natural gas fireplace. You should have seen the dirty walls, etc. when we had the woodstove on the go when the power went off in 98 in Cornhole. We would not burn wood ever again and prefer the natural gas for heat. The only problem would be the cooking and even the woodstove that we had wouldn’t cook.

  10. Hugger we threw potatoes and chestnuts into the fire to have a little something to eat when the power went off in 98 and that is how we survived. We (bubby and I) took turns watching the woodstove while each one would take turns sleeping because it is mighty dangerous and insurance doesn’t insure them – you are right there.

  11. We have experienced a black out here in this building a few years ago and we couldn’t see anything how to get down the stairs or anything. There used to be emergency lights that would go on and it is the law. The owner came up with a hair brained idea (he is Lebanese you know) LOL LOL. and he installed some type of lighting where we could see the stairs as well as in the garage.

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