Letter to the Editor – Hydro at Any Cost by Ross Ayotte of Smiths Falls APRIL 19, 2016

Letter to the editor  Hydro at any cost in Ontari_owe:

Approximately 25 OPG workers are still employed  at the closed coal Lambton station to preserve its idled condition for possible future conversion how many other closed coal plants employ people to do very little.

The  Atikokan converted biomass plant  operates at less than 10 per cent of  capacity and produces power at eight times the cost of some other Ontario biomass  plants     A biomass plant in Thunder Bay runs at 2% capacity and cost’s 25x more to run than other biomass plants.

Then there is the outrages contracts to produce wind power up-to 40 cents a kwh for the next 15 years and 80 cents a kwh for solar power for the next 15 years we are still on the hook for.  Then there is our new hydroelectric generating station in Niagara Falls running a partial capacity.

The Wynne Liberal now have slightly lowered the price we are paying for new solar and wind power being produced and you wonder why our hydro rates at peak time has quadrupled  since 2003 when we paid 4.3 cents all day long.

Ross Ayotte Smiths Falls


  1. Yeap, that’s the Ontario Liberals Green Action Plan for you.

  2. Here in Ottawa the electricity is weak at peak hours and so weak iike a candle when you need it. We thought that it was just being in an apartment building but we found out from neighbors in homes that it is the same for them as well. The liberal/fiberals are no good at all and I would never vote for such a lame brained bunch at all. You get who you vote for and federal or provincial failure.

  3. We should not bad mouth the great job Hydro One is doing for us. Just think, what would us simpletons do with all that extra money if Hydro was honest? They are doing us a favor! Remember it is un-Canadian to complain about Hydro, the weather, and yes, our fearless leader(s). The Charter of Rights and Freedoms only allow us to complain about, you know, hockey, and the price of Tims.

  4. Garbage should be incinerated by the cities and turned into electricity and this is what Sweden does as well as in the State of Washington (west) US. Even nuclear waste is turned into electricity in Sweden. Nothing should be wasted. I am making a lot of quilts and they are great to sleep under. I used up everything and turn it into other things – no waste.

  5. They tried incineration garbage in Ottawa for electricity. The company is now in receivership. As for burning nuclear waste…..not a good id3?

  6. Hugger a lot of things go into receivership here in Ottawa and elsewhere because of very bad management and very bad planning. It is like what I said about someone having to have vision and a good plan or else nothing will work at all. If one is not a good management then a company loses and goes right down hill like a lot of big corporations, etc. We are going into a huge depression very soon.

  7. Start the parade…I sort of agree with Julkes. Plasco, the company incinerating garbage in Ottawa had the backing of the city. But sadly Plasco is in receivership. Eighty jobs down the toilet.

  8. Hugger you know Best Buy that owned Future Shop at South Keys is closed and had something to do with the lease. I think that it is the second or third business that is closed in that area. So many stores have come and go down there these past few years. Danier Leather is in receivership as well and that is another store in that neck of town that will be closing. The taxes are unbelievable.

  9. Yes, taxes are unbelievable. But more to the point large companies / franchise operators are greedy. If they don’t get what they want they close up the store. I’m hearing in the case of Best Buy at South Keys it’s a matter of a massive rent increase by the landlord. As well, that Best Buy is owned by a franchisee and this is not the first store they’ve closed because they don’t get what they want.

  10. Jules taxes are just part of the long equation. The internet has changed and continues to modify how people shop and purchase gods and services. I have stated previously that until we embrace the Digital Era we will see problems. Square pegs were not meant to fit into round holes and common sense seems to baffle most people. Ride out the storm.

  11. Hugger and Mr. Oldham this morning I went to Wal Mart in South Keys and I saw that Best Buy’s doors are covered with paper but the lights are on inside. Yes massive rent indeed and yes corporate greed. There is a Wal Mart opening soon at Billings Bridge and people can order food, etc. on line just like what you folks said and yes the computer has done away with a great deal of jobs.

  12. Very soon there will be no more cashier jobs. One lady who works as a cashier told me about that some months ago and said: “what are we all going to do when computers are gaking over”? and the same is true in industries and the making of cars, etc. Computers do a lot of the work that people normally did and now people are no longer needed. A lot of people shop on line as well.

  13. How about the announcement today that the Ontario Liberals overpaid 9 billion on the wind/solar contracts. Also that Ontario is providing free electricity to Michigan and Quebec because it has to bleed off unused power daily. Plus rates will increase $200 per average household because we are using less and the province is losing revenue as a result.

  14. But the real news of the day…..the most cited reason for using a food bank in Ontario is now that the individual had to pay their electricity bill first!! Why are people not talking about this? Why will no one at city hall talk to the residents of this city on this looming dilemma? Dec 31, 2019 Cornwall will be required to purchase power from Ontario. It will double your current bill.

  15. People in Cornwall will have a real eye opener of a shock when Cornwall’s contract runs out in December of 2019 and there will be many more hungry people using the food banks because they won’t be able to afford the cost of electricity. Many more homes will go up on the market if and that is a big if they are able to sell it.

  16. We’ll see. Still 3+ years to go.

  17. Way back in the 70’s era you rarely heard about food banks here in Ottawa and it was mainly for the homeless shelters. When we came back to Ottawa cashiers were collecting money for poor kids in schools that went to school without breakfast and the schools were needing cereals and such stuff to feed the kids from the food banks. There must be a car wash somewhere for work. LOL LOL.

  18. Wait until you see your electricity down when you need it like at supper time and your stove lights up like a candle – so weak. You have to pay the heftie prices and you don’t get what you pay for. The US gets cheap electricity and cheap water, etc. from we Canadians and we have the stuff and we get the shaft. We do what we can to cut and we get screwed in return. You haven’t seen anything yet

  19. Hugger1….the city ignored protecting its interest in the habour front by not implementing a simple legal instrument called a right of first refusal (at little cost with a great benefit). History says that Cornwall’s representation will time bungle the easy fix on the hydro situation as well.

  20. That is to say that this incompetent council will squander the remaining lead time and announce that there is nothing that they could have done. I would hope that this would be different but recent experiences give little cause for confidence otherwise. Rates will double do the simple math. Better yet contact a councilor or two or three…..

  21. Author

    David in light of the lack of community response over the charade that has been the Harbor deal I wouldn’t hold my breath on this issue.

  22. Jules the elder Trudeau started winding down national defense in favour of establishing Canada as a welfare state. Welfare which once carried a certain stigma is now well entrenched as an alternate life style. Look at the numbers across the country with particular attention to Ontario and Quebec.

  23. Jules Liberal governments both federal and provincial over the last half decade have grown the government with high paying jobs to support the welfare systems planned growth. Bill Davis reduced the welfare numbers by almost 300,000 only to have the next Liberal government grow the welfare handouts back to previous levels. Check the facts.

  24. Nothing will surprise me when it comes to the deal on the harbour lands.

  25. ADMIN…Not without a dire sense of sadness do I fully share your honest viewpoint on this matter at the same time suppressing (attempting) a deepening anger for our lack of leadership. The councilors are a completely different issue…I am embarrassed for them and by them.

  26. “Incompetent council” you want to believe that is the truth. I used to laugh at BOB and his council but nowhere as insane and incompetent as the present one lead by Lez – what a bunch of strange people who know absolutely nothing at all. You will all find out as you go further down the ways with Lez and this council – what a joke. None are qualified.URyvd

  27. David, I thought you were moving to a tax-free island paradise. Why are you still here?

  28. Mr. Oldham you are right about Pierre Trudeau and his welfare state and under the Liberals this is exactly what happens and taxes rise significantly to keep them all going. The government doesn’t gain on government jobs but gains in jobs in the private industry. Too much government isn’t good at all and jobs have to be created in the private industry for a country to thrive.

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