Trudeau Pay Day Loan Budget & the Syrian Refugees by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 18, 2016

The problem with running a campaign based on a whole lot of promises that clearly will never be kept is that eventually it comes back to bite you on the bum.

While good political teams try and deflect and navigate the choppy waters, the Trudeau team seems to be taking a page from Stephen Harper and just not caring.

I know I won’t be benefiting from the near $30B dollars our government will be burning through as a deficit this year.   That’s $30B over the above all the cash that the government takes from us already.   Heck, the Federal government refuses to advertise or post notices in CFN even though we own market share in this region, and are the most read newspaper in Cornwall.

That’s scary.  What will all that cash be spent on?  Well there are a lot of people and groups for Justin to thank, and of course it’s the old carrot and the stick.   Loyal ridings will get some of that new infrastructure cashola with it spent on loyal firms most likely.     Ridings that aren’t so loyal, probably not as much.   Ridings on the edge for the next riding will probably get the most per capita.  It never pays to put all of your political eggs in one basket like the silly riding I live in.   It’s so blue that it got almost nothing from Mr. Harper because it simply wasn’t a contested riding.   Even this last election our silly and quite useless MP got elected again, and it was his worst campaign since he’s been offering himself up for public office.      Lucky for him Bernadette Clement was to Federal politics what Tim Hudak was for like running for the Premier of Ontario.

No, most of you reading this won’t get a dime of the $30B of “extra” spending this year, but we will all be paying for it, for a generation, longer when interest rates go up.        Can a government “bribe” its way back to power?  Well it seems to work for the Ontario Liberals so maybe Justin is on to something?


That wacky country that never had a history of being a friend of Canada and even before its Civil War wasn’t too big on Human Rights for its citizens has seen its war dimmer down as predicted.   Russia simply decided to chill things down and the West blinked.

Yet we here in Canada watched what seemed to be the one promise Trudeau made sorta kinda be kept, at great expense to Canadians.

Ashley Burke over at the CBC did a fascinating break down of some of the costs related to rushing all of these Syrian refugees to Canada.

$30 million on commercial flights

$4 million on other deadline expenses

Costs to transport, house and process the refugees amounted to about $1,360 per refugee.

temporarily house refugees in hotels jumped to about $580,000 during the final 30 days. That’s nearly 10 times the government’s previous monthly average, according to documents CBC News obtained through the Access to Information Act.

Six weeks later, hundreds of refugees are still living hotel rooms in Toronto and Vancouver

Close to 200 Syrian refugees are still living in a handful of B.C. hotels. Families have been there for the last two months in rooms that cost on average $110 per night, said Friesen.

In Toronto, 150 refugees remain in hotel rooms that cost $70 a day. Resettlement workers in both cities say it will take another few weeks to find the permanent housing for the refugees’ specific needs.

A thick stack of accounting records show government workers incurred $1.7 million in overtime over five months to pull off the fast-paced plan.

The cost of planes, trains and automobiles along with accommodations for the department workers totaled $1.5 million between Nov. 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016.

Government-sponsored Syrian refugees were living in Ottawa hotels as they waited for permanent housing. (CBC)

 Again, politics over actual value of Canadian tax dollars.  This rush also has put pressure on low income Canadians in the major cities where the refugees coagulated in hotels.   Some Canadians lost their homes to make space for refugees and pressures were put on food banks, low cost housing, and even finding some types of entry level jobs.
You can buy a lot of housing and medical assistance for some of our First Nations communities with the excessive  kind of cash we’re burning through to fulfill this promise.
This doesn’t take into account the long term issues related to taking in a large amount of refugees in a short time.    Many of these refugees will be on the public purse their entire lives.  Just the medical costs as many have much higher family sizes than the average in Canada will be huge.
Why aren’t refugees directed to communities that request them?   There are many places where there’s an aging population including a draining of young people who head off to bigger cities.    Yes, services are more available in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal, but there are financial and sometimes linguistic barriers that non refugees have in those communities.
Does any of this make any sense to you dear CFN viewer?  I mean I can be all wrong.  Someone please correct me if that’s the case, but between the Refugee hustle and the budget aren’t we all kinda screwed with generations of debt and impact expected?
Of course there’s no real way to fix any of this at this point.  Mr. Trudeau has majority mandate, but doesn’t it seem weird that he seems to be more fixated on fulfilling this promise than say…. legalize Marijuana, which would increase tax income and reduce our over burdened and pricey justice system?
It’s a shame the Conservatives didn’t turn Rona Ambrose lose during the election as she’s been refreshing as the Interim leader.    The messages she’s shared might have made for a different Federal election result.
Alas Mighty Tom.  Karma has bitten you in yonder folds of flesh.
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  1. The Liberals are experts at buying votes. The government brings the refugees into their new promise land, and in return vote Liberal. But the new promise land that the Liberals are hoping for is not the same promise land the refugees are working on to establish – Canastan. The Christian/Judaeo law of the land replaced by Sharia Law. Secular humanism also is still in the eyes of them Christian.

  2. Newton. that’s pretty rich coming from somebody who immigrated to Canada {MODERATED} and an asinine religion.

  3. Budgets are a difficult thing. Governments can spout that they’re running a “surplus.” But the reality is we still owe from previous governments. The accumulated federal debt is now around $611.9 billion dollars. So, now matter what is done that figure isn’t going away anytime soon. And to pin that on one PM is not right.

  4. Author

    Hugger all that’s being pinned is the near $30B Mr. Trudeau is adding this year alone. That’s about $10,000 per Canadian over and above what’s already being collected in taxation. That’s scary. And personally, to know I don’t get a single advantage with all of this cash being paid out is not fair dinkum.

  5. Has anything changed? Nope. The middle class gets screwed again. Is this anything new? Rhetorical question.

  6. Jamie. it’s sad that you feel the need to blank out a truthful statement.

  7. Author

    Furtz I try to blank out anything that could get CFN shut down for a silly slander suit. Was that your goal? We are entitled to our opinions, but they have to be worded as such.

  8. Isn’t the Internet wonderful? So much gets said, so much is misinterpreted.

  9. Okay Jamie, I’ll reword my comment.
    Newton. in my opinion, that’s pretty rich coming from you who immigrated to Canada from a foreign country to spread asinine beliefs and intolerance towards those who don’t subscribe to your particular faith.
    Is that better?

  10. I have been looking at numerous videos about what is going on in Europe as well as in Dearborn Michigan and Furtz not only Christians will be affected by atheists like yourself will be forced to live under Sharia Law. If you don’t stand up then the migrants will finish you off as well and I guarantee that. You all haven’t seen anything yet. OMG hundreds of times.

  11. If Donald Trump gets in as president of the US you will get your ears open and full about the truth of 911 and it is 28 pages. What G.W. Bush said is all wrong and there may be a Civil War in the US so get ready for what is coming down. I knew all this and so much more for many many many years and couldn’t say anything but it will all be released to everyone if Trump gets elected.

  12. We are living in the end times and this is all very true. Many people are going to be deceived because when the anti christ comes first many will think that he is Jesus when he is someone else who will have all the answers to the world’s problems and will fall into world tyranny. Get on your knees and pray for the Good Lord.

  13. What you all don’t know is that all this has been in the planning since a mighty long time ago (over a hundred years) to take down the middle class. You have no idea how many years that I have been into all of this and so much more. You don’t even know who is behind all of this and not just for Canada – welcome to the new banana republic.

  14. Pastor Newton the people are going to find out what the liberal/fiberals are all about and go on and see what the Syrian refugees as well as the African refugees are doing to Europe as well as to the US. All this is coming – Sharya Law and it is one hell of a nightmare in the making. Furtz and other non believers will be shocked when it comes their way. This is all in the Bible.

  15. Donald Trump as president? He can’t eve get the ate of the attack on the WTC. Is that someone they want as president?

    Guarantees?? Planning of the downfall of the middle class?? These stories are just that…..stories.

  16. Jules, the “end times” have been upon us for thousands of years! It’s the big threat that religious nut-bars have been trotting out since Jesus wore short pants. LOL LOL ROLF etc. I’d be more inclined to get on my knees and pray for a good feed of pasta with meat sauce.

  17. Jamie yesterday I looked at Aleppo Syria and you should see the killing going on and it is the biggest city in Syria. I once dated a man from that city who is living in Orleans Ontario here in Ottawa and he was in the military way back in the early 70’s and then went to Lebanon before coming to Canada. He was a student at Algonquin College here in Ottawa in the IT program. Syria is destroyed.

  18. Gee Furtz you are making me hungry about spaghetti and meat sauce. I will be making that next week. Hugger the middle class has been coming down for some time now and its getting a lot worse and you will gradually see prices increase and pay go down. With the Syrian and other refugees coming in to Canada it is us that are paying for all of that and you will see how expensive it will cost us all

  19. The $70.00 per day hotel rooms is only a concern due to the apparent costs to the taxpayers of retrofitting/renovating barracks at bases around the country to the tune of reportedly $750,000,000. Another 3/4 of a billion dollars and the immigrants never used the facilities. Obviously not plush enough for new duel citizens (newly entitled Liberals).

  20. The woman that I spoke about was living in Toronto (the most expensive city in Ontario) and not grateful at all. So many of our Canadians are literally living on the streets of TO because it is unaffordable even for those who work let alone for those coming over as refugees. These people do nothing but find fault and complain about everything and that is the truth. You can never do enough.

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