Jian Ghomeshi’s life will never be the same.  The countless legal bills incurred, the damage to his reputation, and at the end of the line the loss of quality of life and earnings can never be repaired. Chiefly because there is no real accountability of Crown Attorney’s in Ontario.  Continue Reading

The Conservatives begin 2016 in a very different place from where they have been for the last 10 years. Defeats are never fun, but they offer the Conservatives a chance to rejuvenate, rebuild and rededicate themselves to promoting Canadian Conservative values. Forget about American, Australian and British values, focus onContinue Reading

Walking through the aftermath and wreckage of the election that just ended CFN has been talking to a lot of voters across the riding asking why they voted for who they chose and why they rejected candidates? Not surprisingly Bernadette Clement was tarred and feathered for being a Francophone womanContinue Reading

Canadians have spoken, and loudly, condemning Stephen Harper and rebuking his policies to the point of giving Justin Trudeau and his Liberals a full majority. Thomas Mulcair and his NDP fared even worse than Harper sliding back to their traditional less than 50 seats. Locally Guy Lauzon handily beat CityContinue Reading

This has been the most disappointing of elections.   It’s like rows of Neanderthals grunting and throwing poo at each other here in SD&SG with no change expected. CFN was moving towards endorsing the NDP before the writ dropped which would be a first, but the local candidate, Patrick (Veggie)Continue Reading

So with one week to go where do we stand with one of Canada’s longest elections? Stephen Harper clearly will not enjoy another majority which has many Canadians rejoicing.    Scandal after scandal has plagued his government, but most simply have grown tired of the politics of fear mongering andContinue Reading