Of a Veggie Burger & The End of a Very Silly Election by Jamie Gilcig

This has been the most disappointing of elections.   It’s like rows of Neanderthals grunting and throwing poo at each other here in SD&SG with no change expected.

CFN was moving towards endorsing the NDP before the writ dropped which would be a first, but the local candidate, Patrick (Veggie) Burger, was so disappointing that we will for the first time simply not endorse any candidate or party.

On the one hand you had incumbent Harperite Guy Lauzon with a proven track record of not supporting his over all constituents and have a slippery grasp of what a MP’s job is supposed to be.   Frankly the only reason he will be re-elected is because his opposition was so weak.

Cornwall Councilor Bernadette Clement, running for the Liberals may have spoke of change, but her record is actually worse than Lauzon.  Not only does she tow the party line, she as a lawyer, has been part of a council that is full of abuse, cover ups, scandals, and a clear non grasp of how to treat constituents whether they be kids selling worms, families putting up an ice hockey rink, or even an organically grown local newspaper.

While Mr. Lauzon may have had the petty Eric Duncan to lean on for his stances and excuses who can Ms Clement blame?

And finally we have the limpest offering the NDP have come up with since I’ve lived in this riding.   There are no words for Patrick Burger’s candidacy other than that he wasn’t Elaine MacDonald, and as corrupt and horrid as she is, she would have run a stronger campaign than the pony tailed and verbally weak Mr. Burger.

The length of this campaign, if any positive can be said for it, simply has shown the flaws in candidates locally and Federally.

By the time this day ends most likely, at least according to the polls, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals will have accomplished an amazing feat and essentially come back from the dead.

Quebec will have been the turning point.  Quebecer’s love their pork and when Mr. Trudeau solidly declared that he’d run deficits and invest in infrastructure the good folks in la belle province spiked his numbers up and bailed on Thomas Mulcair who seemed to focus too much on trying to attract soft Harper support.

Mr. Trudeau essentially proved that people will buy cheap promises over plans and issues every election chance they get.

As for Mr. Harper?  There’s a slight flicker of hope yet.  Some polls put him within a glimmer of retaining power although it might take embracing the Block to do so along with finding a way to bring over a MP or two from the other parties.  Clearly though it was he that was not ready for this election and not Mr. Trudeau.

The best news of all is that this election should have a higher amount of Canadians voting than in any of the others this century and that artists and musicians will have played a strong role in helping sway public opinion led by the Harperman son.


The Harperman song inspired many others to get into the act which led to a lot of chatter on social media.

Either way the scariest thing about this election is that we may be back at the polls sooner than later.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Glad the “campaign” is over. It was far too long. Too much BS being thrown by Harpoon Harper and his minion candidates.

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