James Marshall LTE on Strategic Voting & Fear of Vote Wasting OCT 18, 2015

Dear Electors,


RE: Strategic Voting and the Fear of Wasting a Vote


With all due respect to Tim Hortons, there are some institutions that are held even dearer by Canadians: the old age pension, unemployment insurance, and universal medical care among them. And it will be news to many that not one of these obligations to Canadians was initiated by a governing political party. It was the work instead, of “fringe” MP’s that kept minority governments in power.


Fortunately, back when coffee was 10 cents if you had it, enough of our parents and grandparents hung their hopes and votes on eccentric candidates who put their neighbour’s interests ahead of their party’s. And from that, a tiny minority of MPs set in motion the programs that contribute to the compassionate fabric of Canadian society.


On October 19th it will be our turn to reintroduce into parliament the notion that government exists to serve, and to elect members that will earnestly work to protect the pensions, the health care, and the livelihoods of other than themselves.


Contrary to what so-called strategists and political “pundits” may spout, no vote is wasted on a candidate who will promote justice, fairness and well-being for our families and our neighbours — no matter how small their chance of forming a government, or how small their party.


James Marshall, Cornwall

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  1. What a lot of people don’t get is that politicians work for the elite and for the big corporations and the big international banksters as in gangsters which they all are. You and I have no say. It is the big banksters and corporations who select the monkeys for us to choose from and those monkeys (politicians) have to dance to the tune of the ellites. We the little people have no choice at all and are not part of the “big club”. It doesn’t much matter who you elect they all have to act the same way pretty well. Justine will become a very old man sooner than he thinks because of the tremendous stress that he will be under. I think in a way that Harpoon Harpo was happy to be out of what is going to come soon and I am not joking folks I feel very sick over what I know.

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