A Canadian Election Break Down With One Week to Go by Jamie Gilcig OCT 12, 2015

So with one week to go where do we stand with one of Canada’s longest elections?

Stephen Harper clearly will not enjoy another majority which has many Canadians rejoicing.    Scandal after scandal has plagued his government, but most simply have grown tired of the politics of fear mongering and threats.    As my mentor Keith Beardsley once shared, you don’t want to be caught in “the splash”, which is a lesson that Mr. Harper’s team clearly have missed.

Were the Niqab’s really an election issue?   Is the TPP the final straw for most Canadians?  Even our US friends are having qualms about it.

Thomas Mulcair somehow lost his footing near the end of the race.   It’s boggling and clearly shows that actual leadership really isn’t a factor in voters minds.    His position on C 51 and TPP were clear and decisive, yet the public and media seem more captivated by the promises of Justin Trudeau.     Mulcair will be the King maker in this election.    If he survives he’s going to have to elevate his game for the next election and maybe, just maybe lose the beard.

Justin Trudeau has not run a good campaign.  Bear traps and holes, but once he started making promises that he most likely will not be able to keep, the forces that have had enough of Harper have chosen him over Mulcair to be PM.  He will have led his party to a truly amazing turn of events between the last election and this one which he deserves kudos for.   The problem, if elected, is how to make any of his promises stick, especially since they counter Mulcair’s positions.    Can they make that marriage work for more than a year without calling another election?

Final 2015 Canadian Federal Election Poll - Who will you vote for? ENDS OCT 18th

  • Stephen Harper - Conservative (53%, 78 Votes)
  • Justin Trudeau - Liberal (29%, 43 Votes)
  • Other/Destroyed Ballot (9%, 14 Votes)
  • Thomas Mulcair - NDP (9%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 148

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Locally here in SD&SG who to vote for becomes an even bigger conundrum.     With polls showing Conservative incumbent Guy Lauzon winning a strong majority the ABC movement had a challenge.

Bernadette Clement ran a weak campaign highlighted by the strange tactic of trying to flip the Chem tank scandal in her city into a Federal issue when it clearly was a Municipal government cover up that she was and still is a part of?

That’s bewildering.     She talks of change, but essentially has been a clone of Lauzon refusing to wade into any important subject in her city and had the judgement to take a pic with fellow councilor Brock Frost who is under criminal investigation.

Patrick (Veggie) Burger has run a limp campaign.  Clearly not a public speaker the teacher prattles party lines and has the character of a wet no name paper towel.    Long time local dippers have actually switched to the Liberals in this race while some have simply stepped back.

Clearly in SD&SG the opposition party’s did not have the machines or organizations to make any impact.

Even the long time Liberal supporting Best Western has a Lauzon bill board on its property instead of their traditional grit support.

It truly would be ironic if Clement doesn’t exceed her poor performance last election and Trudeau does win.

In nearby Glengarry, Prescott, & Russell it looks like the Liberal candidate, Francis Drouin, will defeat incumbent Pierre Lemieux.


  1. Horror stories or fantasy? We shall see.

  2. What with most Canadians wanting rid of Harper it’s odd what the polls are indicating — one would expect the solution was to vote for the party that needed 35 more seats for a majority, rather than the party that needed 100 more than last time.

    Sounds like it’ll be a nail-biter all round on election night.

  3. How cute! A Justin smiley face! Your everything that’s wrong with social media.

  4. I have to say that CFN is still one of my favorite websites. Good work Jamie and Co. Cornwall would be a much more interesting city with Jamie as mayor.

  5. How many Canadians will be watching the election results? The Toronto Blue Jays will be playing game three in the ALCS starting at 8 p.m. I presume there will be a lot of channel flipping going on.

  6. Simon, During an election, all parties start out with zero seats. There’s no way that the Dippers will meet or exceed their last seat count.
    You are correct, it’s gonna be a nail-biter.

  7. Tomorrow I will head out around noon hour to vote at a public school nearby. Harpoon Harpo I will be voting for you since you are the best of the lot. I came off a while ago about something where they are asking for money to bring the Syrian refugees to Ottawa. God Almighty it may not be too long before we leave Ottawa if this keeps up. Canadians have no idea of what they are getting into and my husband and I were talking about that this morning. Angela Merkel will be eating her finger nails and toe nails as well when she finds out the boondoggle that she made.

  8. I love Jamie’s CFN paper and it has been a long long time since I was on my quilting sites and all others because Jamie is the best out there. I am addicted to this site. LOL LOL. I haven’t glanced at any of my patterns either nor done any quilting in a while. I am anxious to see who wins and tomorrow I will be out the door voting at a nearby public school in the gym. I will leave at my usual noon hour to get there and back. Harpoon Harpo can count on my vote.

  9. “nothing is affordable anymore” etc.

    So what’s the answer, Jules? More of the same, or bold initiatives for change?

  10. Furtz I hope this makes you happy And i.m certainly not a bigot.
    I wrote my last comment out of frustration.I was ready to change my vote over this one issue the face covering.This issue will resolve itself no matter which party govenors Canada.I just hope no one in the future looses their life because of the face coverings.
    I will be voting for the Liberal party tomorrow.
    One of my daughters has a universate degree and has to work at a resturant,my other daughter has a college degree and is struggling with part time work with the school board.My son has grade 11 and is working at a local warehouse making twice as much money as my two daughters.
    I personally think my two daughters will have a greater chance at fulling their dream under a liberal goverment .

  11. How about this comment Jamie?Since you didn,t let my other comment through
    If i was a comic artist i would draw this cartoon.
    Five suspects in a police line up all wearing the niqab,s and black dresses.the sergent is asking the witness can you pick the suspect out .After about 20 minutes the witness replies i can not 100% pick the suspect out ,i saw running from the bank ,they all look like the suspect.Sergent thanks the witness then goes into the room and tells everyone to remove their niqabs for a picture then there free to go.
    First suspect picked up is a chinese man,Second suspect is a native ,3rd suspect is an italian,,4th suspect is a german, last suspect is a white police officer filling in because they couldn,t find anyone else that looked like the witness description.

  12. Pray tell Jules how is Angela Merkel responsible for the Syrian refugees situation?? Is it because she has compassion for others? Did you have the same concerns during Project 4000? But good on you for voting.

    Marc L….the niqab issue will resolve itself no matter which party governs Canada?? Much like the budget will balance itself? Seriously?? Budgets do not balance themselves and the niqab situation will not resolve itself.

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