Cornwall Ontario –  One of the reasons so many journalists end up with PTSD is that we face the raw public.  While rarely to the same degree as our brave and talented emergency services or armed forces it can get pretty ugly, and it accumulates over the years. Something thatContinue Reading

Cornwall, Ontario – Denis Carr is the city’s longest running council member in the city of Cornwall. Carr has  been passionate about Cornwall, Ontario, and while he may in the upcoming years consider slowing down with his political career, he will always work to improve the city. He believes that thereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s “hump day” on the picket line for faculty at SLC (St. Lawrence College) Cornwall, where members of Local 417 OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union), are on day 3 of strike action.   Local 417 represents the librarians, counsellors and faculty at all three campuses ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As NAV Can gets filled at the taxpayer’s expense as I type these words I think it’s time to maybe consider building a wall in this region between the US and Canada and send the bill to US President Donald Trump. Now I don’t mean to sendContinue Reading

With Spring almost here it’s time to promote your business, service, or organization and there is no better value in the region than an ad on CFN! With over 1 million human pageviews per month you can reach the Cornwall and regional market at values starting as low as $99Continue Reading

The Cornwall Free News had a very busy third quarter, especially in August when we broke two monthly site records! Thanks to all of our viewers as each click counts! Unique Visitors 276,035 Number of Visits 578,925 Human Page Views 3,720,090 Can you imagine if your organization, business, or serviceContinue Reading

The Cornwall Free News is a lot larger than just the Cornwall market!    We’re looking for a few Community Journalism Interns in the following communities;    Cornwall, Brockville, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, and Toronto. Please email your CV with at least three writing sample to: Some remuneration is possible.Continue Reading

So with one week to go where do we stand with one of Canada’s longest elections? Stephen Harper clearly will not enjoy another majority which has many Canadians rejoicing.    Scandal after scandal has plagued his government, but most simply have grown tired of the politics of fear mongering andContinue Reading