The Cornwall Free News had a very busy third quarter, especially in August when we broke two monthly site records!

Thanks to all of our viewers as each click counts!

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We’ve also become a proud media sponsor of the new Cornwall National’s hockey team of the FHL.

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Top 25 CFN Traffic Cities for July 1st to September 30th, 2016

1.)  Cornwall 34.26%

2.) Montreal 10%

3.) Ottawa 10%

4.) Toronto 7%

5.) Kingston

6.) Hamilton

7.) Clarence – Rockland

8.) Brockville

9.) South Lancaster

10.)  Alexandria

11.) Gatineau QC

12.) London

13.) Mississauga

14.) Calgary AB

15.) Hawkesbury

16.) Kitchener

17.) Sudbury

18.) Vancouver BC

19.) Barrie

20.) Morrisburg

21.) Brampton

22.) Windsor

23.) Belleville

24.) Prescott

25.) Peterborough

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  1. Congratulations Jamie, on another record month of visits. As a non business person, I find the local business mentality to be inept, to the point of ridiculousness . By that , I mean the so called boycott of CFN . With most, local businesses struggling, one would think, they would like to get their business noticed by as many people as possible ? Pretty stupid isn’t it ?

  2. Author

    We live in a community that oddly enough has the most ads in most likely the least read media offering. It’s really strange and probably a factor in why we’re are regularly at the bottom of the CFIB business poll yearly.

  3. Jamie Cornhole is a mighty strange place and a lot of businesses who wanted to settle there changed their minds when they saw the mentality that exists. You cannot make a successful business down in that hole at all without the dirty clique tearing you up to pieces. Anybody who has experienced this would never want to live or do business down there. Never again would I live in Cornhole ever.

  4. Jamie I said that you have the best paper and that is the truth. The toilet papers of record are just that toilet paper and not worth anything at all except to be something for the pets to pee and doo doo on, clean your windows, mulch your garden and who knows what else but not for news that is for sure. Those are corporate lies that the presstitutes write to program ones brain.

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