FLOOD ALERT from Morrisburg to Cornwall TUESDAY MAY 2, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO– A flood alert is active along the St. Lawrence River from Morrisburg to Cornwall.

Winds of over 50km per hour are driving larger waves as well.

Expect temperature shifts with lows near zero to highs of 18 until Sunday.

Heavy rains have built up water levels in the area with more in the forecast with up to 60mm more rain due from Thursday to Saturday.

10:02 AM EDT Tuesday 02 May 2017
Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Morrisburg – Long Sault

Local flooding potential along the shores of the St. Lawrence River and over the Thousand Islands area.

Southwesterly winds are expected to gust to 50 km/h this afternoon. evening and tonight along the St. Lawrence River. Given the current high water levels, this may produce local flooding along the shoreline and over the Thousand Islands area.

The threat is expected to decrease Wednesday with winds blowing from a more westerly direction and diminishing.



  1. Gatineau Quebec just across from the Ottawa River is flooded and so is Montreal, the East Coast and the west. I have a small heater on here trying to dry the rain that came in to no avail. OMG it is worse than before even gone under the bed, it is under the dresser and I have ot be mighty careful with the computer. This morning my husband stepped over on my side and said “yuck it is soaked”.

  2. I had to turn the small heater back on to try and dry as much of the carpet as possible and I have the window open about 1 inch. I have been moving a few things around here and I went to the garbage shoot and the ceiling in the hallway is leeking and a huge garbage pail there catching the rain water. Roof and brick will have be to done again. It is a real money pit.

  3. I have the little heater on trying to no avail to dry the carpet. I opened the window here in the bedroom a little but will have to open it more. My husband called his sister in Lebanon and she was shocked about the weather and told him to use the fan as well and said water brings disease which is true. This is incredible what has happened. In Gatineau they are getting around in row boats.

  4. Author

    Jules if you rub a bit of vinegar into the carpet it should kill any potential issues.

  5. Great tip Jamie thank you. I can use all the help that I could get. I went out to the fabric store with my daughter and I spoke to a lady in the semis and I had her laughing about me being like Moses separating the waters. Snow is on the way according to my husband and her husband and it is kind of cold outside. I will do that vinegar trick.

  6. Vinegar is great as a fabric softener and if you mind the smell you can add a few drops or more of scent. Vinegar is great at killing germs and great on baby clothes and diapers, etc. Vinegar kills germs as well. You can clean with vinegar as well and it is non abrasive and I do clean with it at times. That is a great tip Jamie and when I get off of here I am going to use some vinegar.

  7. Jamie I sprayed some white vinegar on the carpet where the flood happened and this will help kill germs and other bacteria as well as the horrible smell of the water. I have the window opened a tiny bit to bring in some fresh air. The ceiling is leaking in the hall outside of my apartment where the bachelor apt. is and a big plastic garbage pail to collect the water.

  8. Author

    Jules if you can get a small bag of silicon cat litter it’ll suck up all of the moisture as well. You can get a small jug at Walmart for about $10.00. It looks like clear pellets. It’ll suck the moisture right up and out of the carpet as well.

  9. Jamie thank you so much for the great idea. I just marked it down to go and pick some up. I have the little heater on the go and the owner’s bills are going to skyrocket. Every step I take I feel like Moses to part the waters. My son saw this this evening and went OMG mom! I used the vinegar trick and it works. You are a wonderful person and thank you so much I will look for the cat litter.

  10. Jamie the vinegar worked – no smell on the carpet and it is bone dry. I have that cat litter marked down that the next time that happens I am going to use it. The Rideau River is running like what Long Sault Rapids used to look like and overflowing everywhere. I pitty those who built on the banks of the rivers. Gatineau is inundated like Montréal. I used to smell the carpet before but no more

  11. Jamie is Morrisburg and other communities going closer to Cornwall flooded. I have been looking at the papers and haven’t come across anything. I don’t see anything about Cornwall either. Here in Ottawa people have water in their basements and Pina who works with my daughter has water in her basement and she lives below me in the townhouses. I am going to tell her about your tips.

  12. Author

    Jules Morrisburg has seen some flooding. There were warnings for all along the St. Lawrence.

  13. Jamie I am going to the store now with my daughter and will tell Pina about the vinegar trick as well as the cat litter trick. Pina has a dog and will appreciate that one as well.

  14. Jamie can you imagine that we don’t live along a river and we got quite a flooding even my neighbors below me in the houses experienced flooding in their homes. People build near water which is a great deal worse. This was the second time since we were here in this building that we got this flood right where I sleep on my side. RATS! More rain on the way is crazy.

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