I Really Don’t Like Racists by Jamie Gilcig – Cornwall Store Owner JEAN POIRIER Spams CFN Before Ranting 071617

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the reasons so many journalists end up with PTSD is that we face the raw public.  While rarely to the same degree as our brave and talented emergency services or armed forces it can get pretty ugly, and it accumulates over the years.

Something that triggers me to action is racism.   Honestly we live in a world where while we don’t have to  like everyone we should all be treated based on our achievements and merit and not the color of our skin, what our religious beliefs are,  or whom we wish to share bodily fluids with.  Likewise, suggesting that people on Ontario Works (Welfare) or with disability “all” steal is also not fair dinkum.

Today we had a “gentleman”  who posts on facebook as JOSEPH JEAN P DIXON.    After spamming our pages with what looked like an ad to his business multiple times I pinged him to let him know that it’s not how it works.

Hi Joseph. Please do not post ads to our pages. We sell advertising on our newspaper of which some of our clients end up on our social media pages. There are no free ads unless you’re a client first.
Joseph Jean P Dixon accepted your request.
Ok great glad to know u don’t support small business I will let others know .
Actually you’re the one that doesn’t support small business. I didn’t realize that you give away free product? Can people just walk into your store and take what they want for free without asking? Same for my business.
I don’t owe you anything. You didn’t introduce yourself. You didn’t ask. You just posted. That’s not cool.
Well actually all the welfare cases and disability cases try but they don’t succeed but u know if u would of wanted to averting on my page I would of with pleasure since cornwall is the shit for economy and a city that’s dying .but now I understand more it’s because people don’t help each other .this is why business who are owned by Muslim community are working together not like our white race who don’t support each other perfect example .


Dude I get 15 million human pageviews on our newspaper per year. Again, you don’t just post your stuff on someone’s pages without asking.
Anyway, we’re done as it sounds like you’re racist as well. Please do not message any more.


Dude loll  –  Ur racist and typical corn hole example .



Thanks. Will publish this conversation.  Now you’ll get some free exposure.



Great then I can sue u make advertising for u
I would think twice
Ur the one who started this
I can make good exposure also .but I was just letting go



Have your “lawyer” contact Mr. James Moak. He’s my legal rep. 613 937 0347.


I don’t have time for idiots Just remember it can cost u .I have not given u permission learn the law



I’m publishing all of our comments.



Also nothing racist was said all I said is that Muslim people work to get her and our white race we don’t help each other so just to show u u can’t read nothing ra cist there ur just trying to stir bullshit so u do what u like just remember one thing we own half of cornwall .u feel u must slander me there is a price to pay thru the courts

Please stop messaging. We’re done chatting.



Stop harassing me with threats of posting on Facebook our conversation that I am not giving the right to post


Mr journalist


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Apparently the Dixon facebook profile is really  Jean Poirier and he has a store on Montreal Road.


  1. All I can say is WTF!! Is this guy for real??

  2. Author

    You should see what he posted on youtube!

  3. Jamie, did he post on YouTube something negative about you? This guy is not carrying a full deck of cards

  4. Author

    Yes Pete. He went way over the line on You Tube. When did you see it?

  5. Jamie the man in question is the kind of gang that runs Cornwall and they cannot accept change nor the good people who come from other cities and towns. I was born and grew up in Cornwall but today people like myself who left are treated like strangers – we are no longer accepted into the community so it isn’t just yourself. Your wackiness would never ever live in Cornwall ever again.

  6. I was by his store yesterday or today. The location is for rent again.

  7. Author

    That really isn’t surprising. He’s posted that he’s going to sell at Flea Markets. The CCPS have refused to file a charge against him after a rash of crank calls and disturbing posts by him on social media after being repeatedly told to stop communicating with me. It seems like the CCPS has an issue or two…..

  8. I have read a tiny bit on youtube.com and I am not surprised at all about this man Poirier. I was never so happy as to leave that town after the hell that hubby and I went through with racism. There are some good people down in Cornwall but a lot have that horrible mentality that wont leave until a miracle from God hits them. Jamie I mean it fully when I said you are the best.

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