DOMESTIC BREACH Cornwall, ON – A 21-year-old Cornwall woman was arrested on June 3rd, 2019 and charged with two counts of breach of probation for contacting her boyfriend and failing to keep the peace. She was also charged with two counts of breach of undertaking for failing to notify policeContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  One of the reasons so many journalists end up with PTSD is that we face the raw public.  While rarely to the same degree as our brave and talented emergency services or armed forces it can get pretty ugly, and it accumulates over the years. Something thatContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario – Noted Canadian political brain and attorney Warren Kinsella was victorious against a hate group that was using a newspaper to promote their screed and intimidate himself and his wife.. Kinsella and his wife Lisa pursued the battle and issued a press release after their victory in whichContinue Reading

Toronto ON – There are several problems with the House of Commons private members’ motion 103 on “systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It is based on the assertion that there is a “need to quell” an “increasing public climate of hate and fear” and, implicitly, that the Parliament of CanadaContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – One would think that after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left six dead that Quebec and Canada would be hyper sensitive to threats of violence based on race. Yet after McGill Student Society Board Member Igor Sadikov still has not been charged and hasContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Just days after a religious inspired terror attack in Quebec City; media reports broke about a BC Trade School, the Island School of Building Arts,  had rejected an Israeli student over what they claim was a protest over Settlement building in the Jewish state and strong allyContinue Reading

It’s sad when pundits…or hacks as in the case of Todd Lihou of the Seaway Media try to make hay on the suffering and misfortune of others. I  just read a very strange and bizarre editorial by Mr. Lihou on the Syrian refugee crisis and his suggestion that there’s plentyContinue Reading

Walking through the aftermath and wreckage of the election that just ended CFN has been talking to a lot of voters across the riding asking why they voted for who they chose and why they rejected candidates? Not surprisingly Bernadette Clement was tarred and feathered for being a Francophone womanContinue Reading