Michael Labelle on Bob Turner & Racism in Cornwall LTE Feb 23, 2017

Remembering Bob Turner

As I continue to have to read these very one sided letters to editors from some very closed mined people I ask you all to look to however you believe in God, Buddha Allah etc. Is hate speech acceptable behavior for anyone? Is hatred towards anyone acceptable? I am sure your higher being would tell you that you are sinner.

The “Twitter in Chief” of America should be condemned for spreading hatred as should all of you who write these letters.

I have a bad habit of ranting and raving all the time but I much prefer inspiration

If I could I will quote Max Musings

“The next morning Mayor Archie Lavigne was on the radio condemning the hate mongers. A rally was organized at city hall. Hundreds of folks young and old – turned out with signs and urged Bob Turner to stay.

Imagine the fallout if Turner had been run out of town. Cornwall would have had to wear the label of raciest forever. It can be said that it was the city’s proudest moment.”

This is the city I grew up to know and love. What is happening to you City of Cornwall.

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  1. That sure is an old story from 1959/60. In a way Cornwall was like the movie Mississippi Burning.

  2. I remember Bob Turner way back when and I walked with him and my mother coming back from the Bob Turner Memorial Park and he spoke about the racism that he went through in Cornwall and I will never forget that because my husband went through it as well and there isn’t hardly a day that goes by and brings back those memories.

  3. In the case of Bob Turner this man was a good man and I remember the better days of Cornwall and that is true. I did my best to raise my kids the right way here in Ottawa and in high rise buildings most of the time. I had pretty good kids living here in this city and no trouble at all – I was lucky. Today Ottawa is full of drugs and crime and very scarry to raise a family today.

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