No Fool Like An Old Fool – The Buzz on Clipper Owner Don Sterling & His Recordings by Jamie Gilcig

CFN – They say there is no fool like an old fool.   As I write this there is a very very upset 80 year old man by the name of Donald Sterling.

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling pictured 25 years ago.

Sterling made his name as a divorce lawyer.  He is the longest tenured current NBA

v. Stiviano INSTAGRAM
v. Stiviano INSTAGRAM


He also in spite of his age decided to have a girl friend nearly 50 years  his junior.   Hey at his age if he likes to play with fire events like what have happened occur.

His name and story are the hottest thing in social media as audio tapes between and his spicy piece of chicken are being used to pillory him for being racist; in particular anti-black.

His comments and quotes are all over the place even though most haven’t listened to what he’s said.


Did he drop “N” bombs?   Does he refuse to employ or work with people of colour?   How did the private conversation end up recorded in the first place?

Here is the second clip released.

Again, was this about race or was this about an old man not liking photos of his hot young girlfriend pictured with virulent younger men of colour?    Could his friends simply have been teasing him about that?   It doesn’t make any of this right.  Did he issue a press release or was he simply complaining at home and get burnt?

I certainly am not defending Mr. Sterling.  Racism exists in all cultures; but surely there is a difference between acts of racism that preclude people from attaining jobs or positions; or having businesses boycotted?

Mr. Sterling will probably be forced out of his ownership position because of this, not because of what he did being so intolerable, but because of public pressure on sensitive industries like the NBA and their sponsors and because frankly, expedience, because Mr. Sterling ultimately brought this unto himself, and now his family, friends, and business associates are caught in the cross fire.

There are already media reports of Magic Johnson wanting to buy the team, and probably at a fire sale price after this storm.

Racism, or any ism should not be tolerated, but the mass feeding frenzy of social media needs to be balanced.  Calmer minds need to prevail and we should really sift through the jetsom before we publicly metaphorically hang people.

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  1. With the advent of social media and a lot of recording devices (phones, etc.) available this kind of stuff has become more frequent. Celebrities, team owners, etc, have to be careful what they say and where they say it.

  2. It’s old school thinking on his part. I don’t believe he means any real harm. I believe he views blacks in the same way as the rich view the working class. It’s okay to associate during business hours but stick to your own after hours..As a society I think we are still two or three generations away from real equality and respect.

  3. Sounds to me like he’s just an old racist bigot who thought he was having a private conversation with one of his mistresses. He wasn’t exactly standing on a soapbox {MODERATED FOR CHEESE FACTOR}

  4. Shame on LA NAACP who were going to give this clown a lifetime achievement award meaning money talks no MATTER the COLOR of you or your organization.Now that fool Rev al sharpton(After the fact) says he won’t accept his award if Sterling gets his…bit late Al!!!!
    This is just one in a string of racist actions by this man that the league has known about for many years
    He tried to ban black and latino people from his many apartment buildings. Elgin Baylor a black man who used to be GM for the clipper lost a discrimination lawsuit against him but it was mostly white jury
    I would point out Jamie that he was most upset by photo of his(bit on the side) with Magic Johnston but i wouldn’t call Irwin “virulent younger men of colour?”
    The old racist might also be upset because Magic has AIDS
    Finally this gold digger girlfriend was accused of looting over a million bucks from Sterling so her motives are pretty suspect.
    They both stink to high heck!!!!

  5. Cheese factor? What’s cheesy about comparing a private conversation to publicly preaching hate?

  6. I must agree with him. If I’m 80 and my girlfriend doesn’t appreciate my dislike of selfies, but likes my billion, I’d bitch slap that ho for setting me up like that!

  7. Gotta love womens lib just hours after calling her husband a despicable racist Mrs Sterling(who was allowed to go to the game) screamed at TMZ cameraman He is No Racist..
    Its like Elliot Spitzer disgraced Gov of New York dragging his wife out to his “I was with a hooker news conference”.
    Jamie at first I thought you were talking about Larry BIRD never heard of Johnston..and probably won’t again
    Was talking to Rejean Houle on the weekend..he said when Knuckles comes to Cornwall for charity boxing match…he will deliver your cheque in person.

    I thought the NBA was already an all black

    Before anybody starts screaming my best friend was the only Black man to run for Mayor of Cornwall

  8. I don’t believe he means any real harm says a writer

    Well I don’t believe this ..but..its already caused him great harm.

    This story knocked CNN off the “Where is the plane story” and President Obama called him out…can’t do too much more harm to yourself if you tried you old racist pig

  9. This is going to get interesting. I saw a story that said they can try and force him to sell. The team could be taken over by the league, then sell it. He could appeal what he gets and his fine. One part of the NBA rules says the maximum fine is $1.000.000.

  10. Who gives a rats whisker? He’s an eighty year old slime-ball who will die happily with a couple of billion in the bank. Most of the people I know in and around Brockville share his racist views. His big mistake was choosing the wrong mistress.

  11. Author

    Furtz gets a cookie.

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