Was it Racism & Homophobia That Did in Bernadette Clement’s Campaign? by Jamie Gilcig

Was it Racism & Homophobia That Did in Bernadette Clement’s Campaign? by Jamie Gilcig

Walking through the aftermath and wreckage of the election that just ended CFN has been talking to a lot of voters across the riding asking why they voted for who they chose and why they rejected candidates?

Not surprisingly Bernadette Clement was tarred and feathered for being a Francophone woman with many citing allegations that she’s a Lesbian (others have suggested homophobia was a factor in why Eric Duncan wasn’t the candidate for the Conservatives in this riding) .     Ms Clement has not expressed her sexuality at any point during her political career.

The talented Clement is a lawyer who is bilingual, and a visible minority which in many ridings would be a huge advantage.   It has helped lead her to several municipal victories in Cornwall.

Clement, who actually did much better than her first kick at Guy Lauzon has not responded to any questions from CFN during the campaign.

She saw her support rise even after the political gaffe of attacking Lauzon on the Chem tank issue in Cornwall even though it’s clear that there was a cover up by the council that she herself sat on and is currently a member of.  She focused blame on Lauzon for not sharing with the community when it was her government that knew nearly a year before the faux outrage in December 2013 once the tanks were in the ground and any option to prevent them was limited and expensive at that point.

Roll up to the 8:00 mark of the video above to see the Chem tank gaffe.

Many say they voted more for leadership issues in both elections she’s ran citing a dislike for both former Prime Minister Harper and Michael Ignatieff who ran for the Liberals the first time Ms Clement tried to unseat Lauzon.

While the Francophone population in Cornwall heavily supported Clement, as you drifted into South Stormont her numbers dwindled, and in particular rural areas of the counties showed clear support for Lauzon and the Conservatives.

The United Counties of SD&G have a population of approximately 65,000 vis 45,000 for the city of Cornwall although not all of the Counties territory is in the riding.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Was it a poor campaign by a weaker candidate or other issues that impacted the results for Ms Clement?

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