Petition To Boot PUNCH A ZIONIST McGill Student Igor Sadikov Spreading by Jamie Gilcig FEB 19, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – One would think that after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left six dead that Quebec and Canada would be hyper sensitive to threats of violence based on race.

Yet after McGill Student Society Board Member Igor Sadikov still has not been charged and has still not be turfed from the University after he tweeted that it was “Punch a Zionist day”


The SSMU voted to reject a motion calling for Sadikov to resign.   Police have not charged him even though charges were laid on the 10th and today  is the 19th of February.

In a National Post story he was quoted as:

On Friday, he wrote on Facebook that he had recently been reminded of tweets he wrote between 2009 and 2012, before he entered university. They contained “violent slurs and discriminatory remarks targeting racialized people, women, queer people, people with disabilities, and people with mental illness,” he wrote. He said he no longer holds those biases and regrets having written the tweets, which have now been deleted along with the rest of his Twitter account.

The SSMU has since backtracked and issued a statement to students:

We want to reassure the community of the SSMU’s position condemning physical violence and our commitment to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all students irrespective of race, religion, cultural or political background.
Every Director, Councillor, Officer, and member of any committee of the Board of Directors or Legislative Council of the Society must uphold the Standard of Care for all members of the community as outlined in our Constitution. It is the decision of the Executive Committee that Councilor Sadikov’s recent actions did not uphold this responsibility. More specifically, we believe that Councillor Sadikov’s actions were an incitement of violence and, for that reason alone, we have recommended that he resign from his position as a Director and as an Arts Representative to the Legislative Council.
The Executive would also like to recognize that more should have been done to moderate the conversation that took place at the SSMU Legislative Council meeting on February 9th, 2017, and would like to reiterate our apology to members of the community who felt unsafe both during and following that discussion. We are working towards ensuring this will not happen again.

There should be no room in a just society for the type of behavior exhibited by Mr. Sadikov or the SSMU who in this writer’s opinion, whose board who were present at that meeting and subsequently voted to not sanction Mr. Sadikov, should immediately resign and get some education on racism, and how it leads to violence.

That the person at that February 9th meeting essentially was attacked for calling Mr. Sadikov on his statement shows that racism is alive in Canada contrary to what some feel and that it’s alive in our universities which is frightening.

There is not a petition that asks for a clear action which this writer supports.

McGill University: Please Expel Student Leader Igor Sadikov for Encouraging Violence, immediately!

Canada is an amazing country.  It’s not perfect, but it’s better than many.  In 2017 there should be zero tolerance for the calling out for any racial violence against any group.

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  1. On Monday The police will be called to see what is happening with the investigation. Down the line when Igor goes for a real job someone will Google his name and he will not be hired. Poor Igor has not helped himself

  2. Jamie you are hearing things that most people in Cornwall are not reading about and seeing on videos as well. I am literally horrified at what is coming Sharia Law and everything else and the US and even Australia is going through this and just look at Europe and you will see what is going to happen soon to all of us. I am very sick about all of this and I am admitting this to all of you.

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