Cornwall Legion 1st VP Arthur Murray Exposed Faking Military Record FEB 19, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – An American website has covered a story about the Cornwall Legion’s 1st VP and cadet liaison Arthur Murray not having served or earned any actual medals which is a criminal offence.

The Legion nor Mr. Murray have responded to CFN’s request for comment prior to publication of this story.

Frank Gervais of Ottawa pled guilty, and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service for impersonating a soldier at a Remembrance Day event with the Legion leading the charge.

If Gervais was nailed for 50 hours for just attending Remembrance Day what would the sentence be for participating in the capacity that Mr. Murray is alleged?

No record can be found that would confirm his claims although, Murray did have a number of images of 2 RCHA in action on his FB page, and he claimed to be the subject of those pictures…. The images have since been scrubbed from the page however, many of them are still available in the image gallery of the the Royal Canadian Legion Branch ( where he serves as the 1st Vice President/Army Cadet Liaison Officer. Interestingly, Murray holds identical Legion branch appointments to recently exposed and self-admitted poser Curtis “Jack” Roush of Smithville, Ontario. (

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, section 419, it is illegal to use military uniforms or certificates.

The story states that Mr. Murray has apologized and surrendered the medals he wore.

The question is why hasn’t he been charged and why has he not either resigned or removed from the Legion in Cornwall who still list him as a 1St Vice President?

Between this incident, if proven to be true in a court of law, and the embarrassment  of the Glen’s Honourary Lt. Colonel and former Liberal MPP Jim Brownell’s support of a person that desecrated the Poppy, which was condemned by the Legion Poppy director in Ottawa, with Brownell stating  “I’m not my brother’s keeper” which is what the Military actually are, and participating in an internet hate group while using a profile picture of him in uniform.

Of course Mr. Murray not really being military could explain why he never responded about the Brownell situation when contacted years ago for the original story?

To read the entire story click this LINK.

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  1. OMG another fraud case. Cornwall seems to have it’s share of them. Is it in the water? The Legion stands for honour and integrity. I see none here. He must be removed and sanctioned for his dishonourable actions. To think that we were sucked in by his manner. What a scam artist.

  2. Cornwall Legion 1st VP Arthur Murray Exposed Faking Military =COWARD

  3. There are a lot of people around with mental illness who imagine that they are something that they are not. There are plenty in the military who are very sick – all they really are are cannon fodder for the elites.

  4. He’s as phony as a three ($3.00) dollar bill.

  5. I agree with Jules many people with mental illness so how do you know 100% thats not the case.. Have you contacted the local police for a statement to know if charges have been laid.

  6. Author

    Pete the CCPS has now been contacted three times with no response. Whether a party is suffering any illness, it’s still illegal to falsely wear a uniform and medals. Likewise, the Cornwall Legion and Mr. Murray have not responded yet either.

  7. Should it be determined that he is a fraud then the full force of the law should be applied. Zero tolerance for individuals impersonating the military, period.

  8. Did anyone check to see if this impersonator claimed funds funds from DVA under false info if so he should be made to return it all with penalty ,also others at this leagion got thousands from DVA and never served a Day in the regular forces all reserve time for a couple of years and left on there own free will in the sisties and seventies .what a crock

  9. everything happen so or a reason , here is a question probably everyone would like to know….WHY do people do this? WHY did he do it?

    Not slam with blame but just to know and understand why people impersonate ?

    Might be easier for us to reason with if we knew?

  10. There was an article in one of Ottawa’s toilet papers of record from a Dr. Broderick one of Ottawa’s prominent psychiatrists who posted that many mentally ill people walking the streets and you wouldn’t know it unless something happened. These people can hurt you just looking at them in a certain way or smiling or whatever.

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