November 21, 2022 – It’s so hard to write pieces like this. It gives light to some very cretinous people. At my most generous, actions like the storm caused by Ottawa MPP Joel Harden can be passed off for ignorance, but deep down it doesn’t feel that way to me.Continue Reading

DOMESTIC BREACH Cornwall, ON – A 21-year-old Cornwall woman was arrested on June 3rd, 2019 and charged with two counts of breach of probation for contacting her boyfriend and failing to keep the peace. She was also charged with two counts of breach of undertaking for failing to notify policeContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As the slagging goes on it appears that some party staffers missed vetting social media comments across the board. While the PC’s have been tarred and feathered including the dumping of at least one candidate, the NDP are trying to spin a horrific Hitler member added ontoContinue Reading

TORONTO ONTARIO – Between March 2015 and June 27, 2017, the Toronto Police Service and other GTA police services received numerous complaints regarding the content and distribution of a publication entitled “Your Ward News.” These complaints were investigated by the TPS Intelligence Services Hate Crime Unit and the police servicesContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – One would think that after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left six dead that Quebec and Canada would be hyper sensitive to threats of violence based on race. Yet after McGill Student Society Board Member Igor Sadikov still has not been charged and hasContinue Reading

It’s been fully a week since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement absent of any specific mention of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, and the only mainstream media mention of the breathtakingly glaring omission was in the conservative-minded Toronto Sun. . I posted about Trudeau’s whitewashingContinue Reading