Is Denis Thibault of the EOTB & Miller Hughes Ford Supporting Racist Media? APRIL 3, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – A loyal CFN viewer sent in a screen cap early in the morning upset and questioning whether it was racist to single out someone because of their ethnicity in reporting?

They were upset at the wording and singling out of one driver as Chinese.    Not sure how media blogger Bill Kingston of Cornwall Newswatch would have that info as the police blotters supplied by law enforcement usually don’t ID speeders by name or nationality?

Maybe it simply might be weak journalism or grasp of language?   Maybe it could have been worded as “Driver from China?”  Or simply have published their name if it was available?

The OPP usually release a group of speeders in one shot with how fast they were going.

Of course there are some cliches about Asian drivers that have been grist for comedians for ages.

Either way the click bait headline does seem a bit odd?

Do you think Bill Kingston was Racist for Singling Out a Chinese Driver for Speeding?

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What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Very interesting story Jamie ! Must admit reading the original piece & sort of snickering to myself about the nationality of the driver ! Never have I seen this before & was wondering to myself, as to the reason of this sort of useless piece of information ? But, many people will acknowledge the stereotypical idea, that certain races, are not known for there driving abilities !

  2. Jamie, where is the story from your headline in reference to Denis Thibault and Miller-Hughes Ford?

  3. Author

    I think you clicked on it Pete?

  4. I personally do not believe that the colour of an individuals skin influences their driving skills. Regional driving habits do tend to create stereotypes.

  5. As it’s been pointed out to me by CFN and other news sites they have very little say in the ads that appear alongside news articles if it comes from an ad selling service.. So to imply that the EOTB and / or Miller Hughes support that news item is a bit of a stretch. As for describing the driver’s ethnicity no matter how it was done someone would have had issues with it.

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