Kinsellas STAMP OUT HATE in Toronto – YOUR WARD NEWS Duo Face Threat Charges JUNE 21, 2017

Toronto Ontario – Noted Canadian political brain and attorney Warren Kinsella was victorious against a hate group that was using a newspaper to promote their screed and intimidate himself and his wife..

Kinsella and his wife Lisa pursued the battle and issued a press release after their victory in which the courts have agreed to pursue a criminal complaint against Leroy St Germaine and James Sears who publish “Your Ward News” which suggested that it was time to “bludgeon the Kinsellas to death.”

The Kinsellas are a part of STAMP OUT HATE which has spent two years fighting the publication of hate content.

Reached earlier today Mr. Kinsella told CFN:

“We are delighted by the result today – but sad we were forced to go the route of a private prosecution to get action from the police and the Crown.”

We will update as the fight continues against hate and racism in Toronto.


  1. Jamie put your thinking cap on. Remember the haters in Cornwall and Long Sault about you my friend. If you read this article carefully there is a law against the hate groups. Cornwall is a doomed town and everyone leaves. The only population that is left in Cornwall are for the dying. All the schools are closing from Cornwall to the counties.

  2. Author

    Jules not all schools are closing. Mostly the old school Conservative ones. There are a lot of good people in Cornwall. The problem is far too many of them sit on their hands in silence and are too cowardly to truly help make their city a better place.

  3. Jamie that is the main problem with the people of Cornwall. When we first came to Ottawa I was teased and picked on by people of Ottawa and surrounding area only because I was from Cornwall. You wouldn’t believe the comments. Even the teacher who is from Timmins but lives in Ottawa commented about Cornwall and he was from a small place. Cornwall’s rep is black.

  4. Jamie there are some good people down in Cornwall but few. If the people had a backbone to them they would stand up and fight off the “CANCER” to the town which is the clique and the drugs and booze that has brought the town down to hillbillie level. The hate that they have for other people is horrific.

  5. The song, the song remains the same……arrggghhhh!!!!!

  6. Jules keeps reminding me why I don’t check in here as much as I used to.

  7. Author

    Furtz in her own wacky way Jules contributes more to this newspaper than you yourself has, and that includes actually being a subscription donator.

    There are no free rides in this world amigo.

  8. Furtz something is really wrong with you to criticize myself and I have done nothing wrong to you at all nor to anyone. I was just on videos a while ago and won’t tell you about them but the hate and jeolousy is something awful. I always wondered who was criticizing me to Jamie and you are one of them. I never criticized anyone to Jamie and ask him and he will you honestly.

  9. Furtz you remind me of the days in elementary school when I did my history exam and only did two mistakes and in French. One boy said that I cheated when I didn’t and was up till 2 and 3 am. for a 4th grader and making top marks. Jeolousy is what all of this is about. La jalousie en francais. Jamie is a very good soul of a person and he has enough to handle without childish behavior.

  10. Furtz I want Jamie to speak to you whether privately or here and I want Jamie to be totally honest with you and everyone if I ever complained once about you or anyone else and on my honor, my life and that of my family I have never done anything to hurt any of you but you have done things to hurt me and I will not forget this at all. If Jamie doesn’t want me here I will say goodbye.

  11. Author

    I just want to remind our valued viewers to try and post on topic. People post here because they choose to. We have a Mission and Vision statement. All are welcome that wish to contribute to the viewing experience.

    Jules has her fans and her detractors. I do end up deleting a lot of her comments because Jules is Jules. She knows this. I see posts that I don’t enjoy here and on social media I’m not a fan of. I tend to ignore them. I certainly hope that adults can do the same here or anywhere else.

  12. Best to remember. …sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

  13. Been a daily follower of Kinsella’s web site for years. I don’t always agree with him, but I always admire his honesty and tenacity when it comes it fighting hate groups.

  14. Not worth giving much thought to. But if Jules believes she’s never said anything to offend or criticize anyone here I dare to differ. But I refuse to get into a debate on it, it’s not worth it. She was one of the main reasons I took my break earlier. The others who caused my break know who they are and why I paused for a time.

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