Cornwall Ontario – Justice Deborah Kinsella, who brought a Judge Judy pencil bag to trial,  gagged a case this writer covered.   Not only did she place a gag order on the plaintiff and defendant.  She put the same order on the witnesses.    While there is a reason to gagContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario – Show of hands: how many of you expected the Ontario government to lose the constitutional challenge of its Bill 5, which aimed to reduce the size of Toronto’s city council? No one? Exactly. No one – no one who has been paying attention, at least – expected DougContinue Reading

“I strongly deny the groping allegation that I already admitted to and apologized for.”   WARRENKINSELLA.COM – That is Justin Trudeau’s defence in the ongoing groping scandal, basically. And it is so truly pathetic, so fucking ludicrous, satirical news show The Beaverton ridiculed it with that very headline. The shifting, shifty prevaricationsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Justin Trudeau has been an interesting politician.  Tailor made for the strange age we live in.  He’s visual more than substantial.   There have been no great ideas or National directions emanated from him during his entire political career unlike his father, whom whether you agreed or notasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As the slagging goes on it appears that some party staffers missed vetting social media comments across the board. While the PC’s have been tarred and feathered including the dumping of at least one candidate, the NDP are trying to spin a horrific Hitler member added ontoContinue Reading

Running for office is a major life decision. You are putting yourself out into the public eye to serve your community. There are many challenges. Whether you’re a rookie or experienced,  the two sessions of this seminar have something to add to your arsenal of tools and help you notContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s amazing how different people’s paths can cross over similar goals.   Fighting racism has been one of mine, and for Warren Kinsella, it’s been a passion for over twenty years, if not longer. It’s recently culminated in a win for justice.    Thanks to his, and hisContinue Reading

Dear Minister Joly: May I call you Melanie? You’ve blocked my access to your ministerial Twitter account, so please forgive the formality of an open letter. I sense that I’ve upset you, which concerns me deeply. Let’s leave aside, for a moment, the propriety of a public servant (that’s you)Continue Reading

  Toronto Ontario – You’d think that something like this would happen in a place like Cornwall, but Toronto? A Federal panel, after being ASKED to not make personal information of group members fighting an anti-semitic, anti many thing, Toronto newspaper known as Your Ward News, saw that exactly happen.Continue Reading

Toronto Ontario – Noted Canadian political brain and attorney Warren Kinsella was victorious against a hate group that was using a newspaper to promote their screed and intimidate himself and his wife.. Kinsella and his wife Lisa pursued the battle and issued a press release after their victory in whichContinue Reading

(Reprinted With Permission) James Comey’s big day: by now, the testimony of former FBI director has been much discussed, debated and dissected. Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, seen by many millions, is well-known. His Thursday morning appearance was the political TV event of 2017 – so far. AmongContinue Reading