Cornwall Ontario – It’s amazing how different people’s paths can cross over similar goals.   Fighting racism has been one of mine, and for Warren Kinsella, it’s been a passion for over twenty years, if not longer.

It’s recently culminated in a win for justice.    Thanks to his, and his team’s efforts, which include his wife Lisa, the racists at Your Ward News have been charged.  They also will be facing legal proceedings.

I remember reading my own name in Ernst Zundel’s website.   For the Kinsellas their fight was in their neighborhood where YWN was published.

As I fight a lawsuit from the Upper Canada District School Board, about Swastikas in our local CCVS high school the reality is that while the low hanging fruit of people like Zundel and the scumbags from Your Ward News are targets, they could not achieve what they have without the support of like minded bigots.

All racism doesn’t involve gas chambers, burning crosses, or even threats of bludgeoning to death as Mr. & Mrs. Kinsella appeared to have faced when it was published in YWN, fawningly, as a hope that it didn’t happen, akin to the famous:

Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” (or turbulent priest) is a cry attributed to Henry II of England, expressing his frustration regarding his conflicts with Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1170.

I had some one on one time with Mr. Kinsella at the release of his book, Recipe for Hate and his album release for his band at the  Bovine Sex Club in Toronto recently.

I asked Warren if the fact that Toronto police finally moved forward with charges in the YWN case was because of the press he was able to garner, and more importantly, that they issued what may be an actual precedent in filing a hate crime charge for hate against gender, in this case, a woman.

The problem with hate crimes are the bystanders who sit in silence.  The police and officials that don’t want the bother of the work involved (and cost) prosecuting these cases.   Sadly we live in a world of antipathy towards hate crimes, and even more sadly, when you nail one monster it seems another takes it place.

For now, as Mr. Kinsella is on tour talking about hate while promoting his new book and album, it’s an opportunity to reach people that might not even think about Hate Crimes and that’s a good thing.

To learn more about Mr. Kinsella and his work you can also check out his website:   LINK


  1. Warren Kinsella is a alarmist and a self serving hack just looking for a scapegoat to promote his hack novel and push his far left wing Marxist political agenda. Your Ward News IS NOT a Nazi rag or a hate publication and Kinsella is out right lying about so called threats and that’s why the police refused to give him the time of day. None of his false allegations have been proven in court.

  2. Google ‘Lawrence McCurry’. He’s just full of love and acceptance.

  3. Author

    I’d rather see haters in the light than in the shadows.

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