Justin Trudeau’s Political Suicide is Not Pretty to Watch – by Jamie Gilcig 070718

Cornwall Ontario – Justin Trudeau has been an interesting politician.  Tailor made for the strange age we live in.  He’s visual more than substantial.   There have been no great ideas or National directions emanated from him during his entire political career unlike his father, whom whether you agreed or notas PM,  clearly was a leader of spectacular magnitude.

Our PM was also gifted timewise as the country had grown tired of Stephen Harper’s cold and at times dictatorial manner.   After falling behind in the last election he and his team made enough election promises to crush the NDP and sprint ahead of Mr. Harper to earn a majority government.

But that government has sputtered and stalled out with one gaffe after another including an embarrassing Indian adventure, pandering to First Nations and Women’s groups here in Canada, and then getting face washed by US President Donald Trump and now by new Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Mr. Trudeau is now facing his own resignation.  Not because he broke the law.  Not because he did something so scandalous that he simply can’t stay in office.  A possibly drunken, spirited butt grab or grope probably 18 years before really shouldn’t lead to a resignation or firing, unless that’s a position you publicly have sanctioned yourself.

Justin Trudeau has committed political suicide by sanctioning politicians and others with the cross of the ridiculous #metoo man burnings of which he torched several of his own Liberals including one alleged foul mouth MP and Cab minister who is in fact a paraplegic!   Instead of calling for an independent investigation of the Kokanee Grope or simply telling the truth, comments about not recollecting events crashed like a Led Zeppelin.

You simply can’t sanction and draw a line in the sand and then be caught crossing it yourself.   That he feebly tried to spin the issue once his blood was in the water was an amateur theatrical event with no hope of making it to the third act.   It was a political suicide as opposed to the political assassination of former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown.

You simply can’t govern a world where you are guilty until proven innocent as Mr. Trudeau had been championing.  We’ve seen too many cases of false claims or perceptions by people who feel they were victim, but who really weren’t,  which compounds the issues for real and actual victims who all too often feel afraid to step forward.  False claims are as much of a problem as those that commit real attacks.  This writer himself had one woman who after pursuing me for over three months later called me a sexual predator when I finally capitulated to her wants.   While perceptions may be in the eye of the beholder, the facts may be dramatically different.

Warren Kinsella, who dropped the first cannon shot at our Piratey PM published the column by now exposed Rose Knight where the now PM clearly had groped a female reporter with a glib apology that he didn’t realize she was with a larger media outlet and thought she was just local.     That her editorial was never retracted, nor even contested in nearly twenty years is an utter and complete indictment against Trudeau.

In fact reading the Creston Valley Advance original piece it clearly looks like the only reason an apology was issued at all  was because of the fact that it was discovered that the journalist was with the National Post and Vancouver Sun.    That’s the obnoxious response from a privileged millionaire son of a former PM.

Did Justin break the law?  Most likely not.   Good on Ms Knight for smacking him down and calling him out for his actions.  That’s an appropriate response.     Did our PM deserve to be sanctioned nearly 20 years later or have to resign over this?   Not in a normal age.   A real man, clearly one who has championed women’s causes since would’ve owned his deed and possibly even turned this into a positive educational situation.

But in the #metoo age too many people want blood for their perceptions of injustices time historic and frankly that’s wrong.   What’s more wrong is when someone like Justin Trudeau embraces a movement like  #metoo in the fashion that he and far too many have.

I’m all for holding people accountable for their actions, but those actions have to be proven.

How many people have now lost their careers or killed themselves?

How many corporations have simply jettisoned men from positions without real cause and replaced them with women to try and conform to PC norms?

Is the #metoo movement simply a repeat of the Communist Witch hunts of the 50’s in the US?

Are #metoo allegations simply a tool for career advancement or to settle scores?

Trudeau had not one, but two chances to man up to this situation and mea culpa his way out, but he didn’t, instead choosing to try and spin his way out with limp offerings which hit a media wall clearly calling BS on the PM.

From January 2018:

“Sexual harassment, for example — in business and in government — is a systemic problem and it is unacceptable. As leaders, we need to act to show that truly, time is up.”

Trudeau argued that a fundamental shift needs to be made by hiring and promoting more women.

“Not just because it’s the right thing to do, or the nice thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do,” he said. Trudeau said there’s strong evidence that doing so would boost profitability and a country’s gross domestic product.

How do you make statements like that and try and spin Creston?

And on the Kent Hehr allegations:

“If we believe these women, what do you do about Minister Hehr?” Trudeau was asked.

It’s “really important to believe and support any woman who comes forward with allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault,” he replied.

Trudeau maintained that his government is proactive on addressing cases of sexual harassment and assault.

“I am unequivocal in my support for women who step forward with allegations of this nature. And that continues.”


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At the end of the day this is more about the hypocrisy that our Prime Minister has dug a hole for himself with.  It mocks the reality of real victims of sexual misconduct.  It discredits the brave victims that do step forward and muddies the waters of accountability.

If other leaders have to step down for historic events, even minor ones, and the majority not even proven, then clearly its chief proponent in Canada has to live by the same mantra.     Justin Trudeau either has to step down or call an election.

It’s akin to the Led Zeppelin case where many of their biggest hits clearly seemed to be lifted from other performers, but because the band is so beloved and legendary people wouldn’t treat them the same as say….Milli Vanilli when they were exposed not to be really singing their own songs.

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  1. He came in without credentials and lack of substance and he has not disappointed the skeptics. History will not serve his tenure as PM well. He may simply be the new crowned prince of pot who dumbed down Canada, buried the country in debt and erased all evidence of former Canadian culture. Oh, least we forget, a haven for illegal immigrants and terrorists.

  2. Click, click, click……….

  3. I agree with most of your statements. What has bothered me from day one is the lack of repercussions for people who bring forth false allegations and those allegations are proven false. IMHO this just solidifies that making false accusations is okay for whatever gain the accuser wishes to achieve. This is not right and must be addressed. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  4. Hugger1 , Justin Trudeau himself paved the way for the rush to judgements that are now so prevalent in the news. Justin stated that woman should always be believed and given credence. In essence that a woman should be considered right unless proven wrong. Justin took the justice on these matters out of the courts and squarely into the court of public opinion.

  5. This is very bad of Trudeau and he must resign his post as PM of Canada. Since Justin came into office Canada has been going down with legalization of pot which I am 100% against and piling on debt after debt and has done nothing of substance for Canada and he must resign immediately or he will be put out in the coming election and will go down badly.

  6. Not a chance Jules. Both the Cons (Scheer) and NDP (Singh) have caretaker leaders now. Until they both get serious about wanting to govern the Libs won’t be beat.

  7. Guilty until proven innocent. Not a good concept or thought.

  8. This groping incident has tainted his media polished image , it took much effort for mainstream media to be accountable and print this story.
    Some are stating that he may call an early election, but he knows the timing is not right considering this groping incidence has sticking power.
    Oh I miss the steady hands at the helm with Stephen Harper .

  9. Hugger I politely disagree , the Conservatives will get a minority Gov next run. Canadians have given a majority to an unproven government leader who is all about flare ,not substance.
    By allowing illegal immigration he has offended many who rightfully earned thier right to be in this Country.
    A leader does not polorize East vs West and risk alienating provinces and unity, the west wants out .

  10. Ha. Caretaker leaders never win. Scheer and Singh are nothing more than caretakers until their parties get serious about politics in Canada again.

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