Would Cornwall City Hall Really Not Pave My Sidewalk? Neighbors Bring Petition to Council by Jamie Gilcig 070713

Cornwall Ontario – When my neighbor came to me complaining that they city was refusing to repave the sidewalks on our block because I lived on here I laughed at him.   I mean, that’s nuts and silly.   It would be an abuse of the public purse too.

Imagine repaving a block up and a block down, but leaving this section between 3rd and 4th in disrepair waiting for a slip and fall lawsuit to hit them?

Sure enough in this weeks package for city council is a petition from my neighbors asking the city to fix the darn sidewalks on my block of beautiful downtown Cornwall!

While Bill De Wit is the City Works poobah, it just might be CAO Maureen Adams decision as she appears to be on the warpath against yours truly and this newspaper since we blew up the CUPE strike humiliating she and her boy friend Geoff Clarke which cost taxpayers more millions in a year with record tax increases.

As well the city’s burning through legal cash with high priced Ottawa firm BLG to fight a $3600 claim after Ontario Works, which is mandated by the City, deprived a SLC student from renting my basement room.   The costs for that case may run as high as $40K by the time the city loses its fight.

And if the rumours are true, and I won’t give the details out yet,  a certain group of elected officials and the CAO may have to explain a highly irregular move that will again see BLG bill in the thousands for something that clearly is not in the public or Corporation of Cornwall’s best interest.

All this writer can say is BRAMPTON2.0 can’t come soon enough!


  1. If it’s true it’s petty politics at its best.

    Did you sign the petition?

  2. Author

    I wasn’t asked Hugger. First I found out about it was in the Monday Council package. It’s kinda funny. Messed up funny, but funny. Imagine our Sunshine List city managers possibly behaving in this manner? Time to whip up some BRAMPTON2.0 t shirts 🙂

  3. Cornwall has been in a rut a mighty big rut for a mighty long time and the same old geezers and money bags running the town into the ground and they all must be thrown out immediately. Send them all packing and drain the swamp big time. New people with intelligence and good ideas must be put into the town hall and get rid of the dirty clique entirely from Cornwall. They will lose themselves.

  4. Author

    Jules it’s really clear now that more than some of the boobs that get elected, either for who wants them there or because groups know them, the real issue is certain city managers which is why the Cornwall has to follow Brampton and clean house at City Hall of managers that either have abused their positions, or clearly have been ineffective or were put there because of cronyism or nepotism. That’s the only election issue that will count. Will the people of Cornwall support candidates that want the Brampton2.0 movement to take place.

  5. Jamie you hit the nail on the head and Cornwall has been acting in cronyism and nepotism for as long as your wacky jules has been alive and longer since I am a senior of 67 years old. My jules that is a long time. LOL LOL. Honestly Jamie if the people don’t smarten up things are going to get a great deal worse for Cornwall. If I were in Cornwall you would have my vote for mayor.

  6. When we lived in Cornwall hubby and I would go out for walks day and night and we walked on may sidewalks and were very treaturous back then and I would hate to see them today. It seems that if one is well known in the community or is working as a manager for the town they get priority and right away and the hell with the rest and that is Cornwalls mentality that has to change immediately.

  7. There is a former cop of Cornwall who lived on that street Amelia between Third and Fourth and I went to school at CCVS with his son and the cop is well known. I have brain fog just now trying to remember the family name and even the guy that I went to school with. Being a senior sure has quite a downfall. Jules what is that name and the man that I went to school with left for Windsor.

  8. Author

    Perry Dunlop of Project Truth fame Jules. Same block as me.

  9. No Jamie it wasn’t Perry Dunlop that I am still searching for. Yes Perry Dunlop lived near you but this other man had a son a year or two older than myself and he left Cornwall before I was married to Windsor Ontario. This cop would be old if he is still alive and was a well known family as well. It is terrible to be this old and forgetful. This family was a good family as well and known.

  10. Old jules remembers the surname LANDRY. The guy that I went to CCVS with a little older than me was Bill Landry and his father was a cop and they lived on Amelia Street across from CCVS. I am going back how many years jules. LOL LOL. I am lucky if I can remember my name and where I am now. LOL LOL. ROLF! BINGO I got the name after all. That must be over 40 and more years ago – maybe 50.

  11. Jamie the cops name was Earl Landry. I ve got it. Mom knew the family well. Jamie I have hit old age and then some. I am lucky to have remembered. I will break from the computer, get my dishes done and get in the tub. LOL LOL Earl Landry was the cops name. Bill was his son.

  12. Jamie Cornwall has been driven into a mighty deep hole by those gangsters that run Cornwall and they are all connected to one another and those that get in benefit from these gangsters who run Cornwall. These politicians (poly meaning many and tics bugs) that is all what they are and they feed the system and yes the sewer has to be drained for sure. A complete overhaul change has to be done.

  13. Jules: The former cops name was Earl Landry (Chief), his sons name was Earl Landry Jr. Junior confessed to and was convicted of molesting boys while he was a city employee at King George Park.

    John MacDonald

  14. Author

    John wasn’t one of the Grants involved too? Something about bags of money paid to not be mentioned in Project Truth?

  15. John MacDonald I remember reading about Earl Landry son Earl Jr. but I knew an older son in my age group just slightly older (I am a 67 year old woman) and his name was Bill Landry and Bill would be the older son and a very very good person. Bill went to Windsor to go to university and that was a long while ago back in the early 70s era. I remember reading about the son who molested boys.

  16. As far as anything further Jamie I can only stick to proven facts.

    John MacDonald

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