Accountability Critical in Abdi Death by Police in Ottawa by Jamie Gilcig JULY 26, 2016

As the shocking and tragic details filter out regarding the death of Abdirahman Abdi at the hands of Ottawa Police officers many Canadians are having a difficult time accepting that this could happen in Canada, never mind our Nation’s capitol.

Ottawa has seen a rash of gun and violent crime over the last several years straining officers who have to deal with situations that are not the norm for the Great White North.

However police officers have to be held to a greater degree of accountability than civilians as society gives them the right to hold and use arms when appropriate.  Any abuse of that has to be dealt with or the public will fear and lose faith in our police services.

Videos below contain disturbing images.

The family of Abdi, having escaped the terror of Somalia, surely never expected him to fall in such a violent manner at the hands of Canadian police officers.

Const. Dave Weir, left, and Const. Daniel Montsion, centre, are seen kneeling by Abdirahman Abdi outside his apartment building on Hilda Street. CBC News has learned both officers are the subject of an SIU investigation into Abdi's death.

Cst. Daniel Montsion and Cst. Dave Weir have to be held to the extreme.   Listening to the utter suffering of the family watching Mr. Abdi die in front of them while the officers appear to do nothing to assist him to this writer is cruelty.

In particular the body language and facial expression of Cst Montsion is utterly gruesome and frightening.

While speculation was that Abdi was already deceased when he arrived in Hospital he clearly was not conscious in any of the video footage seen.

In addition to being armed, police officers are trained in how to deal with physical situations and how to neutralize and minimize or maximize damage.

Witness video:

Ross McGhie mentions an officer joining into the fray issuing heavy blows.   That officer has yet to be identified.

In this video you can see paramedics practicing CPR to try and regain a pulse which would support Mr. Abdi having died at the scene.    It’s alleged that it took approximately fifteen minutes for them to arrive which is an awfully long time for a city like Ottawa.


The family stated that doctors said that it took forty five minutes for Mr. Abdi to make it to them for care.   That also seems utterly unacceptable.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you think Mr. Abdi’s life could have been saved if treatment had been delivered in a more timely fashion?    Do you think the officers should be held accountable if proven to  have used excessive force that led to Mr. Abdi’s death and what penalty should they receive if found to be guilty by the SIU?

Do you think that there was any racism involved in this incident?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Definitely the officers have to be held accountable. The arrival time of the paramedics is totally unacceptable. And 45 minutes until the doctors saw him?? Something isn’t right, as that is about a 5 minute drive under normal circumstances If he was already on the ground why were they continuing to hit him? So, many questions the SIU has to answer. Let’s hope they don’t whitewash this.

  2. Speculation on the cause of death is of no value. The coroners report with tell the tale. If the police are responsible for a death than those individuals should face manslaughter charges if found culpable. No evidence of racism at this point.

  3. My husband and I were talking about this just this morning and I compared it to what is going on in the US and said to my husband that some of the cops in the US are veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars and are acting out. All we hear nowadays are police shootings in the US and I heard quite some years ago a man in the US saying that cops and the military are going to be shot and look at today.

  4. Mayor Jimbo is on holidays and left a message before he left for people to call 311 or his office replacement to handle whatever comes up. Jimbo left for parts unknown. There will be a lot for Jimbo to handle when he comes back to Ottawa.

  5. What goes on in the US does affect our Canada and we have people of different races here in Canada and different cultures and the cops are “rabbid” here in Ottawa and other big cities. There is a great deal of racism but just a little different to that of the US but it is still there. These acts are horrible that are going on. Cops have gone nuts and don’t know how to handle the public.

  6. The worst thing is that this man who was killed by the cops was autistic and cops don’t know how to deal with these people. Cops don’t know how to deal with normal people let alone those in special needs. There is a great deal of education and training missing when cops go to school and are not taught the proper procedures at all. Multiculturalism does not work well at all. We are all differen

  7. Hugger have you been to the hospitals in Ottawa lately or maybe 5 or 7 years ago? My daughter had viral pneumonia back in 08 and had to wait 10 hours in ER to see a doctor. It was a first come first serve and one elderly man came by ambulance with the same problem and saw a doctor briefly and then was put after my daughter. Things are mighty bad in the hospitals here and one can die waiting.

  8. My son is just learning about this case for the first time this evening. Usually he is one of the first to know what is going on here in Ottawa. So much crime here in Ottawa anymore. Those of us who lived here in past years can’t get over how much things have changed for tghe worse.

  9. Yes, I have been to an Ottawa hospital recently, July 2015. I had been referred to the Civic by the CCH. It is not a case of first come first served. All ER’s use a priority rating, meaning the more severe the injury/problem the sooner you are seen. I had to wait two hours in the waiting room due to ambulances arriving.

  10. Hugger the Civic Hospital is the better hospital here in Ottawa and when my daughter went there she was well treated. The Queensway Carleton Hospital treated her well as we.. When my daughter had viral pneumonia she went to the General Hospital and that was a big mistake and that is where she waited over 10 hours to see a doctor. It was a first come first serve basis and at night.

  11. Hospital ER’s are never first come first serve basis. As I said before all ER’s use a priority rating. If your daughter went in at night there are less doctors and staff on and more severe cases may have arrived. Sometimes I’ve been seen in less than an hour, other times I’ve waited 5- hours. It’s all based on priorities and how busy they are,

  12. Hugger that evening we went to the hospital around 1 a.m. since my daughter was mighty sick and dehydrated. The General Hospital had no water in their machines and only coke which was not good for her and she had to take water for her thyroid meds as time went on that morning. There was only an intern on staff and one “real doctor” and there were some people coming in by ambulance.

  13. Jules no offense intended but the tap water is perfectly safe. The machines run out and have to be filled. The taps keep on keeping on. The machines being filled or empty is not reflective of the service at the hospital when it comes to health care. Unlike the Cornwall version of a health care facility my experience with the Ottawa Hospital (all campuses) has been professional and courteous.

  14. I guess everyone is different. Personally, I’d rather go to the CCH. I’ve had too many bad experiences at the General and far too long wait times at the Civic. On more than one occasion I went to the General with chest pains and was told to have a seat in the waiting room. It was between 1 and 2 hours before they did an EKG or blood tests. At the CCH you are seen right away with chest pains.

  15. Getting back to the original topic… The police are not required to cooperate with the SIU during an investigation. And in this case, I understand that they will not cooperate. It’s not in the best interest of the police to have the truth exposed. No wonder they command such little respect from the public.

  16. Mr. Oldham at the General Hospial ER they did not have any water at all This is a huge hospital and my daugher was told that she would have had to go down to the cafeteria for water. My daughter was very sick and couldn’t keep anything down and to go down in her condition searching for the cafeteria would be insane. Other patients were finding fault as well.

  17. Mr. Oldham after we have told the head nurse and others at the ER desk that there was no water and they gave us the run around a nurse came from somewhere with a glass of water. This isn’t the first time that I have heard things about Ottawa’s hospitals. Yes you wait a mighty long time but when patients are very sick they must be seen. Most patients left and didn’t stay that evening.

  18. Author

    Furtz I think that when a case like this happens the Union should pay their salary while they are being investigated as well. It’s crazy how this process works. It’s inverted justice.

  19. Hugger you are right about Cornhole’s hospitals taking care of you and my husband remembers that well from past years. Cornhole is very small and the staff is very helpful and he gives them credit. I have heard that come out of his mouth many times. Every day I get teased about going to Cornhole. LOL LOL Even today.

  20. Mr. Oldham when we went to the General Hospital here in Ottawa there was no water in the machines where you pay or anywhere on the floor in ER at that time. We all wondered what happened. After so much complaining from my daughter and myself a nurse showed up with a disposable cup of water which was nice of her. I saw her the last time we went to the hospital.

  21. A man just outside my hometown was picked up from a bar one night drunk and belligerent by the police who “apparently” just drove him home which was a few blocks…at 2am.. was found outside his home beaten to death just before grand bend ontario..hmmm? he jusf must have fell down i guess right? Naaahh it couldnt have been the police…a racoon must have boot fucked him for food right? lol

  22. Mr. Pareira cops are no longer what they used to be. Today they work for the New World Order and this is all true and it is going to take full effect in the year 2035 and the popes have been calling for this for some time and it is very scary. I hope that my children and myself are dead by the time that comes around. I never want to see it at all. I don’t want any grandchildren either.

  23. So now the New World Order has a start-up date? This gets wackier with every NWO post.

  24. Hugger, It’s all in the bible.. don’t you know?
    The hundred pound hailstones and two-headed snakes will be raining down on us by this time next week. Are you prepared?

  25. Hugger and Furtz this is no joke and I tell you the truth. I am not here telling you a fable that Furtz and some others think that the Good Book is all about. So many aetheists and no wonder our world is so mighty twisted and upside down.

  26. may be in the good book. But how often has it been wrong? IMHO too many times to count. I rest my case.

  27. I heard that the family of the victim is hiring the lawyer Greenspon to go after the cops who murdered their son and Greenspon costs a ton of money but are going after them including Ottawa Police. I sure do agree that this was to the excess and racism as well. Things are very bad here in Ottawa, Toronto and elsewhere. Things go both ways and multiculturalism doesn’t always work.

  28. I hope what happened in the coffee shop before all this broke out is taken into account. It is part of what happened and can’t be swept under the rug.

  29. Author

    Hugger what happened has nothing to do with probably excessive force by officers.

  30. I don’t agree. It all has to be factored in. Yes, perhaps they used excessive force. That will be determined by the SIU, which BTW are under yet another “review” along with the OIPRD and the OCPC. Things are wonky with police, etc, in a lot of places.

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