Cornwall Ontario – As NAV Can gets filled at the taxpayer’s expense as I type these words I think it’s time to maybe consider building a wall in this region between the US and Canada and send the bill to US President Donald Trump.

Now I don’t mean to send to the bill to the US government.  After all Americans are our friends and neighbors.  It’s not their fault for what’s happening.  It doesn’t make sense for Canadians to be footing the bill for a tweet happy President, does it?

This morning I watched a family of refugees nabbed by Akwesasne Police as I was driving to visit the US.   I have a hunch they were on their way to NAV Can before I got back to Cornwall.  This might disturb City Councilor Bernadette Clement’s hen parties at NAV Can or some of the other local clique activities.  The only land area in this region is through the border crossing.  There is easy water access which smugglers have been taking advantage of for years.

It seems utterly insane as these are not Syrian refugees.  Most are fleeing the US; not war torn areas being bombed.   For far too many this is a fiscal refugee situation.   As bad for example as things are in Haiti, and I sure wouldn’t want to live there, I can’t think of any reason to grant immediate asylum, simply because they like our Canadian system and fear the American system over political rhetoric.

Last week a  local University educated gentlemen of reasonably good repute was concerned that the end of the World was nigh over North Korea, which was utter nonsense.   Because of trade issues between the US and China, North Korea makes like the barking dog and pony act that it does so often.

Does anyone believe that China would want or allow a potential nuclear war on its borders?   It’s politics.

So why are we here in Canada paying the bill for the US president’s antics and politics?  Isn’t it bad enough Americans have to?

Don’t misunderstand me.   I tend to not mix into other countries politics.  If I don’t have a vote then I shouldn’t have a say.   I may not agree with other country’s decisions, ; but I am a Canadian citizen and Canada is where I live.

These so called refugees and asylum seekers are simply taking advantage of political mayhem at Canadian taxpayer expense.

So maybe a wall isn’t a bad idea?   Akwesasne is known as a smuggler’s alley, but the traffic is usually the other way.

By crossing over from the US they’re closer to NAV Can which is offering nicer digs than some of the ones being used in Quebec.   Also, many of the refugees want to move to Ontario and not Quebec so it makes sense to cross over here.

It’s not like the US is letting people walk through their customs crossing onto the island.   Their services are far too professional for that kind of behavior.

Canada is an extremely generous country.   We open our doors to many legitimate refugees and should continue to, but fiscal refugees from the US are abusing our good nature and pocketbooks and that’s something that our government should  not be nice about.   I’m not sure putting up refugees in hotels is the route to take?  I’m not sure five year waiting lists are the way to go for people that clearly seem to be queue jumping.

As I write this piece the more I’m liking the idea of building a fence and sending the bill to one of President Trump’s companies….

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  1. Jamie these are Haitians coming over as well as Iraqis and Syrians, etc. What we see in the camps in Cornwall are Haitians and no they are not at war or anything like that – these are economic migrants and they should all be sent back to Haiti. The Rebel Media which screwed itself lately told the truth and showed the migrants as well as the Syrians, etc. coming to Canada illegally.

  2. They are not refugees. Rather they are illegal immigrants to Canada who formerly were illegally remaining in the USA. Justin announced to the world that Canada would not turn illegals away so yes he did put the burden squarely on the backs of the taxpayer. Trump doesn’t factor into the equation unless enforcing pre existing laws is now a bad thing to do.

  3. Who would have guessed that David is a Trump supporter?

  4. I am 100% for building a wall between Canada and the US and I am 100% with President Trump and if I were an American he would have my vote. I know what is going on in the US with the Deep State and are the enemies of humanity and we have our enemy right here in Ottawa at the Parliament Bldgs. and most Canadians are totally and completely dumb of what is going on.

  5. There is fact and there is fiction. There are those who would cloud simple truth with falsehoods and baseless nonsense. Then there are trolls like Furtz that even make a liberal cringe. Pointless and pathetic. Grow up Furtz and add something of value to a discussion for a change. Your trolling makes you out to be a one trick pony.

  6. Who ever thought that David would resort to calling me names? 🙂

  7. As long as you’re on the other side of that wall Jules

  8. You nailed it Mike. People like Jules and David are quite happy to have a nutbar like Trump ruling the world from the other side of the border. If it wasn’t such a serious mess, it would be almost funny. Lets hope that sane people keep Trumps stubby finger away from the nuclear button.

  9. Furtz it is our Canada that has a stuttering nut bar in charge as PM and as far as Trump is concerned he is a very good and clear headed leader. We are getting in murderers, people with very serious diseases, etc. who would not pass giving immigration to and that is why they are coming through illegally. Trump is extremely intelligent and that is the truth.

  10. Jules, You could almost make a living as a standup comedian. Almost…

  11. Furtz if I was as talented as you are for comedy then I would consider following in your foot steps of comedy.

  12. Build a wall around Trump and whoever supports him. Cheaper..

  13. If some people like Tronald Dump so much they should move down to the U.S. The views you express seem to go in line with him. I’m surprised he hasn’t done more to embrace the right wing.

  14. The things that I have learned about Pierre Trudeau would send a lot of you to hate the man and junior is destroying Canada as we speak. I would have to live in a Conservative town to be comfortable and not a libtard one at all. I am very right wing and I stand up that way and I was always right wing. Nothing will ever change my views of being a right winger. I am more Conservative than Harper

  15. Well thats unfortunate, Jules. I almost feel bad for you.

  16. I love the way hard-core conservatives think. No matter what the issue, you know what their opinion is before they even express it. No need to waste time reading their comments because they are 100% predictable.

  17. Furtz if you knew the truth about Pierre Trudeau Jamie will not print it because it is that shocking and bad. The son is a great deal worse than the old man and what Pierre did is completely and totally unthinkable that would make every Trudeaumania person feel only hate and contempt for those people – you all have no idea what I am talking about. OMG!

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