Cornwall Ontario –   Danny Aikman is a wee fellow.    He made his way through giants to eventually become police chief of the CCPS.  (was there any truth that he only would accept a Deputy Chief that was shorter than he was which was how Ms Spowart got the position?)Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Stephanie Macrae of the CCPS has denied that any officers are being paid to attend the unprecedented, expensive gala festivities to swear in Danny Aikman and Shawna Spowart as Chief and Deputy Chief at NAV CAN today.     They also are not saying how much the eventContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   And it’s on!   Premier Doug Ford essentially told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to jam his illegal immigration influx that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars per year and straining resources across the board in Ontario.   Trudeau visited the Premier in what appears to be the day afterContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As NAV Can gets filled at the taxpayer’s expense as I type these words I think it’s time to maybe consider building a wall in this region between the US and Canada and send the bill to US President Donald Trump. Now I don’t mean to sendContinue Reading

    Dear Editor,   For several years, “Keeshechewan” residents have been coming to the Cornwall and  “Ahkwesáhsne” communities to escape the springtime flood waters of the Albany River.   It’s a hardship for the families for sure, but our communities strive to make it work, and we’ve developed somethingContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The July 14th meeting of Cornwall Ontario City Council has to be the best example of the dysfunction and corruption of the Kilger group. The meeting itself lasted until nearly 11PM and there were three main issues (four but I promised I’d play nicey nice on theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – A last minute change of plans delayed over 600 residents of Kashechewan from having to fly into Cornwall Ontario. The NAV CAN staff were in full gear preparation according to sources. – signage was being created to direct  evacuees as to where and where not to goContinue Reading