685 Kashechewan Flood Victims To Land At NAV CAN in Cornwall in Time for Lift Off Announcment Party!

Kashechewan_mapCORNWALL Ontario – The folks at NAV CAN in Cornwall are hastily preparing for the yearly flood victims from Kashechwan.  Sources have told CFN that 685 are expected to arrive at the facility starting at 5:30 PM.

Bradley Nuttley of the City of Cornwall confirmed that the City has been informed of their arrival, but there are no plans to institute a State of Emergency as the City did last year.

The flood victims are being transferred by Canadian Forces Hercules transport aircraft to Ottawa and Summerstown Airports according to sources.

No word if Mayor Bob Kilger will be sucking up for photo opps as the planes arrive.   The city has not issued any release as of press time.

Last year the visitors to our fair city had some issues that led to what some insiders suggested was an early return; but thanks to the Federal government covering the costs all is well and the group is back for more fun and frolics at the lovely facility which ironically is hosting the announcement party for the Kinsmen 2014 Lift Off Balloon Festival!



  1. I don’t know what the “issues” were last year. But what possible problem could the residents of Kashechwan have with being taken out of a dangerous situation and being put up at NAV CAN? The city goes out of their way to be hospitable and they complain!! If it continues like this perhaps the city should look at not providing assistance.

  2. Author

    Hugger I don’t think the people from Kashechwan complained. There were stories of mayhem and merriment that may have caused damage and grief.

  3. They sure can ruin a place! So disrespectful – they’ve ruined hotels here in Sudbury – flushing diapers down toilets, overflowing toilets, ruined carpets, holes in walls, broken furniture. I just don’t get it.

  4. If this is what happened at NAV CAN then measures should be put in place so that it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Good and bad news for Mayor Kilger…
    On the one hand, he misses an election year photo opportunity… but on the other, he can spend the weekend at home in Ottawa.

  6. Can someone elaborate on the issues from the past couple of years, regarding the flood victims ? Was the damages as extensive as people say ? Did these damages cost the City any of our tax dollars ?

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