Cornwall Police Deny Paying Officers to Attend Aikman Spowart Event @ NAV 111618

Cornwall Ontario –  Stephanie Macrae of the CCPS has denied that any officers are being paid to attend the unprecedented, expensive gala festivities to swear in Danny Aikman and Shawna Spowart as Chief and Deputy Chief at NAV CAN today.     They also are not saying how much the event is costing taxpayers or if any funds from the Chief’s retirement party slush fund are being used.

With over 200 expected this morning the bill could be well over  $5,000.00, but would balloon if officers are being paid to attend.


It has come to my attention recently,that the management at our local police service is forcing,ordering and even paying off duty officers to attend the new chiefs/ deputy chiefs swearing in ceremony.

Ms Macrae responded to this leak allegedly sent from a CCPS member:

“The upcoming Change of Command & Change of Colours Ceremony marks as a significant historical moment for the Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS). It is an important opportunity for employees and members of the community, to stand together and acknowledge the legacy, the many years of bravery and dedication that have led the Service to where it is today. In addition, the ceremony will include a Changing of the Colours, where the newly developed ceremonial flag will be consecrated.


Due to its significance, all CCPS employees have been encouraged to attend and to take part in the event, as a rare opportunity to display pride and recognition. As a Service that operates 24/7, it is impossible for all of our employees to take part in the event, without the need for re-scheduling. Nonetheless, those who choose to attend will be a part in this unique opportunity to recognize the historical significance of our police service, as well as exposure to the future of what is to come. The event will mark an important transition, for both CCPS employees, as well as members of the community, as we, in unison, continue to work towards a safer Cornwall.”

As her response didn’t answer the question of officers being paid I re asked it.

the CCPS is not paying officers to attend the event. Some of the officers have been re-scheduled in order to attend.



The problem of course is that Ms Macrae was caught telling porkies about Dan Parkinson’s retirement party as we outlined yesterday.

With a budget that’s nearly 3 times that of the SD&G OPP the question becomes how is the public money being spent and should be spent on events like this?

Another question would be how you bring a community together when you don’t invite or even send a press release to the largest newspaper in the community for said event?

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  1. Oh for F’s sake, a change of command ceremony!!
    Who do these military wannabe’s think they are?… Oh ya, real troops (lol), with their pretty dress uniforms and white gloves (shades of Jackie Kennedy)… and their work combats, oh sooooo many pockets.
    Just one look at the fake brass and ribbons on some guests of honour, would make a real vet vomit.
    How does one respect the shameless posers?

  2. All the cops are doing is a typical square dance of swing your partner round and round while intoxicated to the gills. One comes out and the other flies in. This is typical even with the mayors and councellors of Cornhole. The entire system is completely laughable. These idiots all get plastered and fed on your dime. No wonder the taxes are rising to 7% and wanting to build another fire stati

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