Cornwall Community Police Caught Lying About Chief Dan Parkinson’s Retirement Party by Jamie Gilcig 111518

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how some people in authority feel that they can abuse their authority.    How some refuse to understand that they serve we the public when the taxpayer pays their generous salary, benefits, and retirement.

Chief Dan Parkinson of the CCPS is retiring and it was decided to throw an event for him at the Best Western in Cornwall tonight.

After someone stated that BLG, the City’s high priced Ottawa Law Firm made a very generous donation to the event (alleged to be $2500) we asked the Cornwall Community Police for a list of sponsors and global sum donated.

Sadly, Stephanie Macrae of the CCPS suggested that it was the charity that was running the event.

The CCPS has not been responsible for the collection of finances involved for this event, nor has it received any donations for this event. All donations have gone directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG and as such, you may wish to speak to them regarding any concerns with sponsors or donations.

Thank you,


Today Carmen Cousineau suggested that there was a committee, but refused to state who was on the committee or confirm that former Police Board member Pat Finucan was on it.   She also stated on the phone that the B&G Club were running the event and that all monies were directly being given to the club before stating that this writer was just trying to dig to find some information that seems that there’s any wrongdoing.

The SD&G Boys & Girls Club clearly and categorically today  stated that they are in fact not running the event and only will be given any proceeds.

Of course all events don’t have proceeds and some actually lose money.    There is nothing about the event on the charity’s website homepage.   Oddly enough Chief Parkinson was the President of the Charity until recently.

So why lie?  Why hide who’s paying the bills for this event?    Why hide who the sponsors are?   Shouldn’t the CCPS be held accountable for any slush funds pulled together?  Why refuse basic info regarding public money?

Why would Stephanie Macrae and Carmen Cousineau lie?  Both are public servants.  Did they lie independently or were they ordered to by their bosses at the CCPS?  At that point you now have conspiracy sadly if they were instructed to lie.

And if the top of the police force is going to categorically lie about something like this what else may they be lying about to the public as well?

With a budget of over $50,000 per day to police Cornwall clearly the public deserves answers to basic questions which in this case sadly the Cornwall Community Police have been caught black and white in a slew of lies.


  1. Hard to comment when I can’t read the story, but one thing I heard last evening was that the changeover will be at Nav Canada on Friday for more than 150 people attending. Taxpayers will be on the hook for the cost of meal, drinks and everything else. I’m sure it won’t be buffet meal.

  2. Author

    Pete we now have Premium Content. The Toronto Star charges $20 per month for a subscription. We right now are charging $9.99 for 14 months 🙂

    There are two events, one is for Chief Parkinson’s retirement (instead of prosecution) and the other to bring in new Chief Aikman and DC Spowart.

  3. Next time they accuse you of stirring up shit, remind them that you are looking for truth and their constant lying and incompetence will be exposed!

  4. Author

    Jewelz I try not to fight or argue with anyone as it’s usually a pointless exercise. I try to present the best facts available and “hope” that people make the right decisions. Sadly when it comes to the CCPS, politicians, and justice system of Cornwall there seem to be very few that want to embrace truth or the moral high road. Or even put the community first. Things won’t change until the average person gets fed up enough to want and then make changes.

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