Ford Ontario Gov’t Ends Cooperation w Trudeau Over Illegal Immigrants by Jamie Gilcig 070518

Cornwall Ontario –   And it’s on!   Premier Doug Ford essentially told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to jam his illegal immigration influx that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars per year and straining resources across the board in Ontario.   Trudeau visited the Premier in what appears to be the day after Ontario stopped cooperating when it comes to illegal refugees flooding our borders.


“The federal government encouraged illegal border crossers to come into our country, and the federal government continues to usher people across the U.S.-Quebec border into Ontario,” said Jefferies.

“This has resulted in a housing crisis, and threats to the services that Ontario families depend on. This mess was 100 per cent the result of the federal government, and the federal government should foot 100 per cent of the bills,” he said.

This just might mean that NAV CAN will not be housing illegal refugees here in Cornwall Ontario.   Scuttlebutt was that the powers that be locally were pressuring and playing lowball with the Care Centre (former Cornwall General Hospital) to use that facility to house refugees.

The reality is that the majority of refugees crossing into Quebec end up in Ontario.   Housing prices and availability have been impacted in several communities and Toronto has been facing many issues.


Ontario has been promised $11-million by the federal government but Toronto Mayor John Tory has said the city alone needs $64-million to recoup costs.

While the Feds have been helping out to some degree at a certain point that help would be cut off leaving Ontario with possible generations of dependents.

Prime Minister Trudeau suggested that Premier Ford didn’t understand Canada’s obligations regarding refugee claimants, but again these are illegal refugee claimants as opposed to legal.

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  1. About time someone had the back bone to stand up and tell Trudeau how the
    majority of Canadians really feel about illegal immigrants by passing the legal
    steps for entry into our great Country .

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