Kevin O’Leary Con Leadership Run Opens Language Debate in Canada by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 2, 2016

Kevin O’Leary is taking a page or two from Donald Trump in the US and trying to position himself for a leadership run to replace Stephen Harper for the Conservative Party.

Like Trump he’s picking off popular topics that are getting him a lot of press.

It’s not rocket science.   Hold out hope to large groups of voters for issues they care about even if you most likely will not follow through.   Justin Trudeau successfully used this tactic to gain a majority win in the last election.

While the bombastic O’Leary is no Donald Trump on any level really, the trend of populist loud mouths shows the frustration voters have with slickly displayed puppets with ties to the powers that be and how helpless most voters truly feel.

Maxime Bernier, a long time MP and shining star for the Conservatives dropped the gloves and stated that Mr. O’Leary couldn’t lead a party because he’s not bilingual.     He called the former anglo Quebecer “a tourist”.

It’s really time for Canada to have a National debate about our bilingual policies that essentially give Quebecer’s an unfair advantage over most Federal jobs, and now many Provincial ones.      The cost and over head of mandating bilingualism when Quebec itself is unilingual is clearly at a time for review.    If Quebec doesn’t need to be bilingual why would any other province in Canada?

From Supreme Court Judges to high ranking military brass; by demanding bilingualism you are essentially excluding the majority of the most qualified candidates from advancement because of a language that is a small minority in the country.

Bernier talks about stopping bailouts to sacred cows like Bombardier and other Conservative candidates talk about funding for the CBC, but the cost of official bilingualism clearly costs far more than both bailouts and funding the CBC.

It also impacts our society, and has crippled the futures of so many whose only fault is not being able to pass ridiculous Francophone tests that many native French speakers could not pass.

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Isn’t it time to focus on merit rather than language which has caused such a divide in our great country?

Quebec clearly has made its choice.  Isn’t it time for Canada to make it without being told by politicians what our choice is?

Technology in 2016 has made it easy and accessible to provide service in any language conveniently.

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