ALL SCHOOL BUSES CANCELLED for MARCH 2, 2016 in Cornwall Ontario

Heavy snow has shut down school buses again this week.  With up to 15 more cm expected today in the River City.

Temperatures will be warming up and no further precip is expected through the weekend.

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  1. Amazing. When did a normal winter snowfall of maybe 6 inches (15cm) become a “major” storm? Have we escalated what was merely normal to fit someone’s agenda of proving global climatic change? Or have Canadians been watered down over the last 40 years by immigrants from different climatic regions and now therefore portraying a weaker tolerance to a true four season climate? Since weather in Canada has not changed appreciably over my life time I suspect the latter is likely true.

    We have become soft. Maybe we should change from the beaver to the snowflake.

  2. David Oldham….Soft is being polite. We’ve been turned into a bunch of wussies. When I looked outside this morning and saw how much snow (10 cm, perhaps 15cm) had fallen and then heard it was a “snow day” again I thought “are they serious?” Today is the fifth snow day in sixteen days. Snow days are fine if they are needed. But today the school buses should have been running. The school boards really need to look into how this unplanned holiday is determined. Today was a day when “snow day” was used as an excuse. Perhaps if the provincial government stepped in with some sort of rules it might help. What about adding these days to the end of the school year? We all know that even kids that don’t take the school bus take advantage of “snow days.”

  3. Now this is what I call a good and obedient student (the little dog) went out dressed for the weather making sure that he was warm to go to doggy school. LOL LOL. The best pals are the dogs.

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