Cornwall Ontario – I often wonder why Post Media’s Standard Freeholder would allow one of its competitor’s people to write articles for them?   I know times are hard, what with another round of buyouts that saw the likes of editor Len Hooper, and long time local fave Greg “Boomer”Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Holy Patrick Brown!   It must have been a slow day for Gay Conservative Cornwall News Blogger Bill Kingston, or as he’s been called, “The Queen of Mean”, as he cobbled together a fascinating take on which SD&G Counties council member spent the most cash. In hisContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In 2014 I asked if politicians should still be in the closet.   Today, in 2017, rising conservative star and North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan surprised very few people by coming out.  He came out on of all places Linked in.  He didn’t issue a press release;Continue Reading

The Conservatives begin 2016 in a very different place from where they have been for the last 10 years. Defeats are never fun, but they offer the Conservatives a chance to rejuvenate, rebuild and rededicate themselves to promoting Canadian Conservative values. Forget about American, Australian and British values, focus onContinue Reading

CFN – The biggest loser in the Province of Ontario election is not Jim Prentice and his Federal  Conservative counterparts under PM Stephen Harper, but Justin Trudeau.   As the next Federal election looms closer Canadians are mulling over a lot of options. Is the Harper government past it’s “bestContinue Reading

CFN – A recent Standard Freeholder story starts off  with a very telling question. “How do you justify spending $100,000 of tax money on marketing purposes?” That’s what we call a “money question” not because of the cash in play, but because it rips to the root of the act.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Politicians say a lot of things.   They really do. And then there are those like our MP who will say just about anything the PMO’s office wish him to say like what he did in Parliament recently on Poverty. Yes, there’s an election coming and surprisinglyContinue Reading