Elizabeth May Most Bizarre Speech – Welcome Back Khadr & Artificial Hips by Jamie Gilcig MAY 11, 2015

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

CFN – Oh Liz!

I know that the Green Party leader enjoys the odd tipple of red.

I mean, who really doesn’t, especially if you’re pooped, but certainly once you’ve had enough it’s probably not best to move in front of a microphone as the BC MP surely is discovering the morning after the night before.


Watching the video, other than the f bombs there was some slurring of the speech and strange nasal snorts…

Liz, Liz, Liz.    While you’ve uttered an apology, you messed up.    As much as you’ll be remembered for your political career, which isn’t going to be too huge, sadly those that do remember you will remember this evening most.

Talking about your artificial hip, rambling attacks at Stephen Harper….and Omar Khadr?

This man is no hero.    He may have been young, but he did what he did.   There are many in Canada that deserve a first chance.  Do we really have to give second chances to terrorists?  Honestly?

While I agree with you that many in Parliament are class challenged, tossing grenades trumps most of their sins each and every day.    And your speech, well do you really want to class that one?

PS Welcome Back Kotter wasn’t black and white.   🙂

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Should Elizabeth May resign over her rant?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. Author

    It was in reference to your comment about our great country being a joke. Most Democratic country’s have leadership issues from time to time. It’s part of Democracy.

  2. David Oldham: Key point conveniently missed as usual. Neither “adscam” nor the long gun registry, but Harper’s Orwellian attempt to make it legal for the government to conceal anything it doesn’t want the public to know. For attempting precisely such a move in the case of Afghan detainees, Harper and his government were found in contempt of Parliament–the first and only government in Canadian history to earn this award. Moral: Best to look before you leap. Translation: Read thoroughly and think, before you press the keys.

  3. A country once respected around the world, admin, whether the Liberals or the Progressive Conservatives were in. Under Harper’s Reform Conservatives a bad or sad joke, and, worse, sliding from democracy to fascism. (I agree with Furtz on Trudeau’s support of Bill C-51.)

  4. Author

    Well Furtz get’s it right more than he does wrong PJ 🙂

  5. Jamie, as a devout Pastafarian and an ordained Dudeist priest, and a life-long commie-pinko, I am never wrong about anything! You should know that by now.

  6. Author

    Furtz you joined me in becoming a Dudeist. Abide my friend, abide.

  7. Jamie, you’d be amazed at how compatible Dudeism and Pastafarianism are. Lots of good fun and food, and no need to threaten non-believers with eternal torture and such.

  8. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz you are one extremely funny guy. Pastafarian and Dudeism and now you have a Rabbi Dudeist as well. I am laughing myself to pieces here with both of you. Furtz and Jamie rolled into one pastafarian/dudeist. This is hilarious.

  9. P.J. Robertson Harper was found guilty of nothing, fact. The committee findings on contempt accomplished exactly what? Contempt in its application by the committee in Canada is not a criminal act, fact. Moral, do a little research P.J. and you might gain some credibility and move away from the meaningless position of uniformed opinion. I enjoy intelligent conversation or debate so if you could elevate yourself away from childishness and rise to the challenge I would be only to happy to engage you on a respectful basis. Ball is in your court.

  10. PJ, anyone critical of Harper and his government should simply grow up and become properly informed. 🙂

  11. What most people do not realize is that the Green Party is “socialism” and they would be involved in every aspect of your life. Look up Agenda 21 and this is all being implemented by the United Nations and other organizations and eventually do away with private property, cars, etc. You have to look into this matter. If you have a farm, or a piece of land with a pond on it, etc. part of that land will be seized as well. There is so much on this topic and books written on the subject . I will keep my vote for Harpoon Harpo even though he isn’t all normal.

  12. Sound advice, Furtz, and elevate oneself to a mature level of ignorance

  13. Off topic, but this site has become so cluttered with old items and difficult to navigate that Ive almost given up trying to follow it.

  14. Author

    Furtz every time we change we hear the same complaint like the one you’ve echoed. If you take a deep breath, and take a closer look you’ll see it’s easier to navigate and more content is available. You have boxes for the latest comments, search, and more of the most recent stories showing on the home page.

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