SD&G MP Guy Lauzon Doesn’t Understand Poverty by Jamie Gilcig DEC 2, 2014

Guy PigeonCORNWALL Ontario – Politicians say a lot of things.   They really do. And then there are those like our MP who will say just about anything the PMO’s office wish him to say like what he did in Parliament recently on Poverty.

Yes, there’s an election coming and surprisingly Mr. Lauzon isn’t going to take yet another gold plated retirement (his first biggie was for coming to Cornwall, shutting down the Canada Manpower office, and taking his golden parachute.)

Poverty isn’t limited to those on Social Assistance.  Today we have ever growing numbers of working poor.

People who work full time or close to that and still can’t afford the necessities in life, never mind some of the things that Mr. Lauzon enjoys at his home in St. Andrews like owning your own detached home.

And many of those people either don’t have children or have few kids.


Mr. Speaker, families in my riding of Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry have
to make decisions every day on how best to plan for their future, be it
education for their children, retirement, or how to make ends meet. That is
why our Conservative government continues to cut taxes for Canadian

Every family in my riding will stand to benefit from our latest tax breaks,
including the increase and expansion of the universal child care benefit to
nearly $2,000 per year for every child under the age of 6, and $720 for
every child between the ages of 6 and 17. While we are giving benefits
directly to families, the NDP and Liberals have said that they not only
oppose these benefits but would also put the money into the hands of big
government bureaucracies.

Our government trusts Canadians to spend and save their own earnings based
on their own priorities. The Liberal leader has already pledged to reverse
family tax cuts, forcing all families with children to pay more. That is his
plan. Our plan is to help every family with children by putting more money
into their pockets.

The majority of my friends in this riding don’t actually have children.  Essentially this child tax credit will come out of our pockets to be given to those in the middle and upper classes because frankly the majority of families with larger amounts of children are usually now on some sort of government stipend whether it be Ontario Works or ODSP in this riding.

Children cost a lot of money and many working families limit their off spring because of the cost of living and high taxation.  It’s hard to work full time as most parents have to and take care of your kids.

We all know there’s an election coming up and frankly it’s insulting to see such minuscule relief.

If Mr. Lauzon and his party were serious about offering relief to residents of SD&G they’d be cutting taxes instead of keeping them high so they could redistribute to their supporters whether they be voters, media outlets, or friendly businesses that kick back donations.

Poverty is not good for business.  It’s not good for the community.   It slows economies and ultimately costs more in legal, medical, and other services and that’s not even counting the trauma of living in poverty.

Maybe Mr. Lauzon should start researching and thinking instead of simply spouting off whatever is handed to him in Parliament?

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  1. Poverty is one of the mainstays of our economic system. Without poverty, or the threat thereof, people wouldn’t be forced to work at multiple jobs for starvation wages. It’s all about keeping corporate profits up and keeping our ruling elites sitting on ever increasing mountains of wealth. Lauzon and his political bosses know all about poverty, and they fully support it.

  2. Dear Politicians,
    When you say you’re giving Canadians a tax break, please include those who do not have children. I for one do not benefit from the increase and expansion of the universal child care benefit.
    Thank you,

  3. As a senior citizen, I am disgusted with the spendthrift attitude of this Harper government to take care of worldwide “children vaccination” program to the tune of $500 million while the pensions stay the same or remain based on a Consumer Price Index which is entirely off-the-mark because it is obsolete or unrealistic in contents and what constitutes a fair evaluation of what citizens consume or its actual inflation cost. This government which should be booted out ASAP knows nothing about poverty or what is its true value. It is only interested in lining the pockets of its rich and deceitful members who dont care about the canadian electors. Who gives a damn about a Ministry of Religion or changing the label of the armed forces to include a “Royal” epithet in its title or give a tax break that will only benefit the small cliche of wealthy constituents who most of the time never pay any taxes!!!

  4. Mr Jamie:
    Mp lauzon might know the real truth about poverty around Cornwall but not the courage or ability to break the strangle hold his leader holds over the troops!!
    You don’t have to look any further than the Conservative member(Goldring) who said he would wear a body camera to protect himself against an accusation of improper behavior. He barely had the words out of his mouth before the PMO told him to shut up and released an apology FOR HIM.
    Our MP guy lauzon brings out his phony Support the Troops signs while not speaking out about the equally phony billions for Veterans promised by despicable minister Julian Fantino, who can’t keep his promises straight.
    Never in Canadian history has a PM made his members no more than PUPPETS
    “There is no trust or credibility left; will the minister simply stop the travesty and resign?” said Goodale, who later urged Harper to “fire this failed minister.”
    Conservative MP Peter Goldring issued a retraction
    PMO issued an email to Ottawa reporters, stating Goldring retracted his statement
    Senior PMO staffer takes over as interim chief of staff for Fantino

  5. Author

    Mr. Harper, Fantino, and Lauzon were notified about the Poppy Scandal here in Cornwall involving the Glens and Jim Brownell. Nary a word or action was taken.

    Conservatives clearly do not care about soldiers. Of course neither do the Liberals and I’m not so sure about the dippers either….

  6. Fernand….I agree. My federal pension went up .9% this year. It’s time we looked after our ow first before looking after people in other countries.

    Admin……Are you surprised no action was taken? Or for the lack of support for our veterans and soldiers?

  7. Author

    Yes Hugger. I’m shocked. Not locally, but people I speak with that don’t live in Cornwall are stunned and can’t believe what’s occurred.

  8. I’m not shocked at this. It’s been proven before the Harper gov’t doesn’t care about small town Canada. If this was a much larger city something would have been done about the poppy issue.

  9. Hugger I have to put up another gold star on the wall. We agree on all counts that you spoke about. Harpoon Harpo only cares for the west and doesn’t care at all for small town Canada at all nor anywhere in the east or central. I agree that he has to go but with whom do we put into the cat bird seat Justine. Justine is a joke and in my opinion they put Justine there so as there will be no other person to replace Harpoon Harpo. We are really stuck in the mud with Harpo. Forget the NDP it is just like a barking dog for nothing.

  10. Harpoon Harpo supports the 1% of Canada which are the corporations, banksters and the very high income people. He proved this with the splitting of incomes. It is the little people who pay the taxes and are the tax slaves. The rich have many loop holes. You ask why young people do not vote with no jobs, jobs being taken overseas, education that stinks where it is the dumbing down of society and I can go on and on. The entire world is in big trouble and the young can see it. The older folks know that things are mighty bad but they were psyched into voting like a machine. Well this is one machine (me) who thinks before she ventures to vote. No tanks as long as we have these kinds of politicians this old gal will remain far from the voting booths.

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