View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – It Pay$ to be a Liberal & Illegal Migrants 082317

OTTAWA ONTARIO –  1. It pays to be a Liberal

It certainly pays to be a Liberal and also a defeated Liberal candidate or best buds with Prime Minister Butts AKA the Principal Secretary to Justin Trudeau. Not only can PMO reward you with a cushy job, but you can get your foreign service salary topped up too. I wonder if a poverty test should be included in the application process. Butts and Trudeau will boost your pay well over what our other “professional” diplomats get for doing the same job, simply because they claim that you earned more in the private sector. You get a luxury posting, can hobnob with the rich and famous on the taxpayer’s dime, enjoy wine and cheese receptions and get bonus pay. It pays to be a Liberal. Of course we have to overlook the fact that a short time ago you were willing to run for election and take a huge salary cut to be an MP. This is a pretty good deal for everyone but the taxpayer- then again Liberals don’t think of it is our money it is theirs to spend as recklessly as they want- they are entitled to their entitlements!

2. Illegal Migrants

The latest issue at the Quebec border with a long line up of migrants trying to get into Canada is nothing new. For decades different groups have come at different times. The key thing to remember is that there is a huge difference between a genuine refugee and an economic migrant. One deserves our compassion and assistance the other can be returned to the safe third country from where they came. Supposedly the issue could have been averted by a simple amendment to our existing law. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Instead we are treated to earnest comments from the PM and his ministers and now an inter-departmental task force who is looking at the issue. If you have worked in government you know that an inter-departmental task force is a way to stall, give the PM a usable sound bite and allow some cover for the lack of action from ministers and departments. It is not there to solve anything, but it is there to give cover when the media presses them for answers. It is not about finding solutions.

With it being summer and having a life, I may have missed it, but if as the Conservatives insist this issue is an urgent situation, then why haven’t we seen them or the NDP for their own reasons, calling for an emergency meeting of the House Immigration committee. Rules allow for that to happen. If it is so urgent, then give up some of your summer vacation and come back to work.

Nor have I seen the Conservatives or the NDP asking that the House be brought back early to deal with this issue- so is it really that serious or are they just looking for summer sound bites.

For the Liberals it is not a positive issue. Seeing as it was the PM’s stupid tweet that started the influx of illegal migrants in the first place, it is impossible now for the PM to wander along the border welcoming people with a selfie. It is s tough life being the PM

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