Cornwall Ontario –  There’s a certain ignorance and nastiness in Cornwall that’s embodied in people like my former neighbor Randy Sauve. There’s no crime in not being bright or capable of running one’s life without baby bonus.  There is when you stalk and rant after people who can create andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   They say in 12 Step that you can’t truly start your recovery until you hit rock bottom. This 2018 election normally would be that rock bottom.  Time will tell if it’s so. A corrupt city management and council have essentially rigged the election.   All you have toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has over 1 million human pageviews monthly.   It’s been that way for a awhile, but what quite a few people, and sadly many in the political and business realms locally, don’t get is that whether they like this newspaper, its publisher, or writers, and content isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The city likes to give out voodoo numbers when it comes to tax increases, but the bottom line is the bottom line.  If you raise taxes nearly 20% per term without increasing revenues something always gives out. Even worse, if you borrow money to pay for aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – How many cities facing record tax hikes burn through $15K making a vanity video for a fire chief that union sources allege spends too much time at his out of town home instead of serving and protecting the taxpayers of Cornwall Ontario? Economic Development poobah Bob PetersContinue Reading

February will be the tenth anniversary of this newspaper.   That’s a long time and a lot of hard work. It’s resulted in over 1 million human pageviews monthly.      LINK Sadly, CFN never became the creative fount of positivity I envisioned when I started this venture in February of 2009. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  So I was chatting with a friend who’s nearly 80 and she’s planning to sell her home and leave Cornwall.   She shared a few more of her friends were leaving too. Another friend in her 40’s shared that she’s moving to Ottawa and then shares that sheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When I ran for Mayor of Cornwall in 2014 I was really clear about our number one issue, taxes. I had a clear plan that would cut taxes by 5%.   Now knowing the lay of the land; my false police charges, still not held accountable for byContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When you talk to people in Cornwall many are stunned to realize how much cash the City of gives to fund Aultsville Theatre and how little the community gets for its dollars, especially during a budget time that just had council pass a motion to keep theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Cronyism isn’t unique to Cornwall Ontario, but ED poobah Bob Peter’s ex wifey, who got her management gig at City Hall around the time that Bob resigned over his mysterious use of city credit cards at Eastern European houses of ill repute pulled a doozy recently. (PhotoContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a dark side to journalism.  Play ball, don’t report certain things, report others in favorable terms and you too could do the Heart of the City to City Hall shuffle as Kevin Lajoie did, and now Todd Lihou appears to be doing. All on the public’sContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Poor Hugo Rodrigues.   I say that in jest.  The former President of the Canadian Association of Journalism spewed a rant over our pathetic Ministry of Culture, Melanie Joly’s, new whatchamacalit thingy where essentially the biggest gloat was Netflix spending $500M creating content in Canada.  Nothing against Netflix,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There are many people that you meet who at first seem to be more than they really are. Etienne St. Aubin is one of those.    He recently ran a piece in the Freeholder trying to whitewash the Maclean’s article that embarrassed the community for no other reason thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – So after my editorial about Guy Lauzon’s partisan control over Canada Day here in Cornwall a lot of chatter and great ideas have been floated through my inboxes. Clearly many CFN viewers are dismayed at any Politician of any one party controlling our Federal celebration. What hasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – No sireee, no Cronyism and corruption in the River City as Councilor Carilyne Hebert announced her new gig at the EOTB. The Eastern Ontario Training Board is run by long time Liberal and former City Councilor Denis Thibault. Essentially funding is politically massaged to government friendly hangersContinue Reading