More Clique Cronyism as EOTB Denis Thibault Hires City Councilor HEBERT June 5, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – No sireee, no Cronyism and corruption in the River City as Councilor Carilyne Hebert announced her new gig at the EOTB.

The Eastern Ontario Training Board is run by long time Liberal and former City Councilor Denis Thibault. Essentially funding is politically massaged to government friendly hangers on and companies that tow the line.

For example, while our former art gallery was still alive I asked Mr. Thibault to help us get a grant for an University level local art student to work at the gallery and he laughed and refused to assist.  While his shot may simply have been because of my role at the art gallery, it hurt most a young person from this community who was earning their degree.  Now there’s no art gallery to potentially end up getting a full time position with thanks in part to people like Mr. Thibault.

The EOTB is of course run on government funds and stipends.  Maybe it’s time to have a ministry rep review all hires of these agencies since it essentially is the government that’s paying the freight?  Another question is the reverse sexism that’s apparent as Mr. Thibault doesn’t seem to ever hire men for any positions at the EOTB?

Carilyne Hebert, learning at the feet of her mentor Elaine MacDonald, is no stranger to earning her mortgage payments from the public purse.

Is she not worthy of this position?   This writer has no idea, but when it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like another cronyism hire it just might be one….

The bigger question is why does the Ontario government fund agencies like this which clearly are a recipe for cronyism, (just look at their board members, more former Liberal friends of Mr. Thibault) instead of being accountable for the use of the public purse…unless that’s why they exist, to layer the fat with a lesser degree of scrutiny?

We’d offer more information for this story but…

There’s  a lot of info that we can’t access without its website being up.    Having seen the old one I can’t imagine why it would need to be down until the new one was ready?

Either way, another step up the rung for young Ms Hebert.  And btw, why would her role as City Councilor be posted as a job when it’s an honorarium based gig?   Holy Justin Towndale!  Is council simply becoming a stepping stone for the privileged and parasitic in our community?

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  1. Your wacky jules would never go back to Cornwall to live. I would have to look around for a good place if I were to leave Ottawa and Cornwall is out of the question. I cannot put up with this mentality at all and nothing down there at all. If you don’t kiss keesters then you get nothing and I don’t kiss anyone’s keester and I am honest and up front. I have more fun reading all the insanity.

  2. I’ll see your “privileged and parasitic”, and raise you “predilected and saprophytic”.

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