Janice Robinson Highlights Why Cronyism @ City Hall Leads to #epicfail Leaks Cirque Du Soleil Emails

Cornwall Ontario – Cronyism isn’t unique to Cornwall Ontario, but ED poobah Bob Peter’s ex wifey, who got her management gig at City Hall around the time that Bob resigned over his mysterious use of city credit cards at Eastern European houses of ill repute pulled a doozy recently.

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Ms Robinson, whose claim to fame apparently before landing the cushy gig at City Hall was working at Farmboy  emailed, in error, leaked city communications with Cirque de Soleil which appear to be renting the Civic Complex from July 31st to September of this year for rehearsals and a few gigs.

Not only did Janice leak the info about a meeting scheduled for today with CDS officials, she included the email from the famed entertainment organisation.

Hello Janice, 
Thank you for your time on Tuesday. 
As per our conversation here are the dates CdS would like to hold for our rehearsals and performances (the performances would be at the end of the last week of this period): 
July 31st to September 9th, 2019 
At this point I cannot give you the details of the show. It is not an ice show and it is family oriented. 
Let me know, 
Thank you! 
Emmanuelle Faria 
Contract and Booking Manager – Tour Planning, Arena Shows 
Gestionnaire contrats et réservations – Planification de tournées, Aréna

Contacted by CFN Ms Faria stated that she would have a comment if the company booked the Civic Complex.

The Civic Complex and Benson Centre are drastically underused and cost the city in excess of $1.5 million dollars per year to maintain.  (The City has not responded to exact costs as we requested last week)

The bigger question is that is it time for some changes at City Hall as this city has lost some amazing people who couldn’t find jobs because of cronyism like this.

The usual complaints are seeing jobs given out to people who don’t appear to be remotely qualified while others who might not be exes, bits on the side, or sycophants  of City Hall managers get hired, usually on the public dime.  Graham Greer as marketing manager for Aultsville theatre for example, and of course the grant cash going to Kevin Lajoie and now Todd Lihou at Heart of the City.

Recently Mr. Lajoie was given a promotion to a position that oddly enough was barely promoted.    Apparently the City of Cornwall considers running its tourism office an ENTRY LEVEL position, but one with a starting salary in excess of $60K plus benefits!  LINK

Job description

The City of Cornwall is a progressive community of 47,000 people situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Ontario. Cornwall boasts a modern economy led by forward thinkers and offers an extensive array of urban amenities, making it an excellent place for a career and raising a family.

The City is seeking a progressive, dynamic individual to serve as the Tourism Coordinator.

Reporting to the Division Manager, Economic Development, you will be responsible for the coordination of all tourism marketing, visitor services and asset development for the City of Cornwall.

As an ideal candidate, you will bring proven abilities in the planning, development and execution of marketing efforts, including growing the CornwallTourism.com website and associated social media accounts, the development of an annual Visitor Guide, and exhibition at trade shows. Your organizational and management skills will ensure the timely and efficient delivery of information services to visitors, including the management of the visitor information centre.

You will become the point person for tourism related activity in Cornwall, and as such your personal leadership and communication skills will help develop positive relationships with local businesses and related government agencies.

Your five (5) years of relevant experience will also be coupled with a relevant post-secondary education and bolstered by skills in creative writing, grant writing, photography, image editing, and website maintenance. With Cornwall’s rich history in both official languages, bilingualism will also be considered beneficial.

The City of Cornwall offers a competitive compensation starting at $64,553 per year and a comprehensive benefits package.

The deadline for submissions is November 17, 2017. Please submit your application in confidence to:

careers@cornwall.ca quoting File: 17-75 Tourism Coordinator

According to Mr. Lajoie’s linked in page he doesn’t appear to have the minimum reqirements in the ad and oddly enough doesn’t appear to be bilingual when most tourists to our city (the few rare souls) are in fact from Quebec.

One person who applied for the position vented to CFN that they weren’t even given an interview even though they were qualified and experienced.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time to go full Brampton and clean house at City Hall to actually move this city forward and become inclusive and merit based rather than the failing status quo?

We’ll be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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