Cornwall Ontario –  CFN like all media outlets needs revenue to survive.  Our original business model was to support local business at reasonable rates. In fact we didn’t have digital ads (like adsense) until the City initiated a conspiratorial boycott that impacted our roster of advertisers, many of whom wereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There’s a certain ignorance and nastiness in Cornwall that’s embodied in people like my former neighbor Randy Sauve. There’s no crime in not being bright or capable of running one’s life without baby bonus.  There is when you stalk and rant after people who can create andContinue Reading

Editor’s Note:  CFN spoke with Ms Baxter today at Archie’s Golf where she expressed that she wished for us to publish this letter to City Hall in Cornwall which we have done and have not edited. Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 7:39 AM To:;;;;;;;;;; Cc:;;;;; Subject: Child Sexual Abuse and Jehovah’s WitnessesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In a very long interview with former Cornwall Nationals Hockey team owner Will Beauvais he shared quite frankly that he was bewildered when CFN dropped the team as we were their largest marketing partner. He then stated via telephone that it was team manager Rodney Rivette thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the demise of yet another hockey management team there are rumblings and even a piece written by that mincing lifeguard, Hugo Rodrigues. Cornwall Ontario is a hockey town.  It just has a city government that for whatever reason refuses to allow business to be business. TheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When you talk to people in Cornwall many are stunned to realize how much cash the City of gives to fund Aultsville Theatre and how little the community gets for its dollars, especially during a budget time that just had council pass a motion to keep theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Cronyism isn’t unique to Cornwall Ontario, but ED poobah Bob Peter’s ex wifey, who got her management gig at City Hall around the time that Bob resigned over his mysterious use of city credit cards at Eastern European houses of ill repute pulled a doozy recently. (PhotoContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s tough being number one sometimes.  It means the jealous kids won’t play with you much; at least the underdeveloped and really immature ones. For example I have a lot of media peers outside of Cornwall that I get along with, and even sometimes collaborate with, butContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Economic Development is one of the biggest envelopes in the City of Cornwall’s budget.  It also now entails tourism. Sadly, under the reign of Mark Boileau & Bob Peters it’s been an underperforming joke.  Oddly enough Boileau was promoted up and Peters was given tourism and someContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Can you imagine a magazine called “Cornwall Living” not really about living in Cornwall?   The vanity magazine is grossly subsidized by Bob Peters and the City via its Economic Development department. You can’t blame TC media who simply are trying to run a business, but whenContinue Reading

It’s always interesting to see spin emanate from City Hall.   It’s rarely graceful.   Bob Peters and Kevin Lajoie have teamed to essentially “Brand” Cornwall.   It’s been an odd failure of an exercise and some of my fellow journalists have questioned why the City is essentially trying toContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The buzz around City Hall via the Chem Tanks is that shortly Economic Development head Mark Boileau will be shifted out into Stephen Alexander’s gig, and that Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters will take over the department. Now of course this is rumour and speculation; but it sadlyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I stopped going to the Team Cornwall Year in Review two years ago when I resigned from the group until they cleaned house.  The group, which does almost nothing but a few rah rah events essentially should be an arm of the City’s Economic Development Department.  Continue Reading