Hugo Rodrigues Pandering to Cornwall Over Wasted Amazon HQ2 Bid by Gilcig 102817

Hugo Rodrigues Pandering to Cornwall Over Wasted Amazon HQ2 Bid by Gilcig 102817

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s tough being number one sometimes.  It means the jealous kids won’t play with you much; at least the underdeveloped and really immature ones.

For example I have a lot of media peers outside of Cornwall that I get along with, and even sometimes collaborate with, but not here in Cornwall.   When I ran for mayor the prejudice from my local media confreres was clear and not pretty for example.

Hugo Rodrigues is not a minor league journalist.  He may never be in my league, or rise above Cornwall, but he knows right from wrong if he rarely chooses that path because of having to keep his job with a major media chain.

Instead of asking the right question, which Maureen Adams, CAO of Cornwall has refused to answer, which is how much did it cost the City to apply for the Amazon HQ2 gig, Hugo pandered that it was worth it, especially after conferring with Seaway News Editor Nick Seebruch, even though I’d already written about the subject before.

There are two things when writing traditional journalism that are really important, telling the truth, and balancing the perspective.    Even though CFN is a Gonzo journal, and even though you don’t have to balance the perspective in Gonzo Journalism, when writing a true piece of journalism, as opposed to opinion, it’s good to have some balance or at least offer the other party a chance to comment.

Hugo failed that one and I get it.  Ad dollars are getting slim and he’s fighting to save his job.

The thing is, why is Ms Adams refusing to state how much the city invested in their Amazon flyer?   And why isn’t Hugo asking that very basic question?  Or Nick?  And is this why CFN has so much more traffic than they do; because we ask those basic questions and tougher ones?

Even if it was only two days, surely they would have been better spent focusing on attracting those tech companies mentioned by Hugo and Nick in their piece?

The big picture that Hugo and Nick are missing is that you win no points for being the last lobster cooked in the pot.

And the lesson learned is that when you do your job so poorly, as our Economic Development team do, it’s time to change your players, and maybe even GM to use a sporting metaphor; because sometimes you can accomplish a lot in two days.

And with our economy in ruins locally, and our young people fleeing, and businesses freaking out trying to figure out how to cover $175K that will be missing from their bottom line because of a drastic increase to Minimum wage in 2018, the thought of seeing taxes go up 6% because of the simple failures of City Hall is far more important than the brief headlines in certain media that very few people read.

Ms Adams has still not answered how much the Amazon bid has cost taxpayers.  That should be the real issue that those paying her salary should be asking.  Not congratulating Bob Peters for fiscal masturbatory fantasies that had zero chance of success as our city simply didn’t meet the criteria for putting in a bid.

What say you dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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