Cornwall Ontario – The city likes to give out voodoo numbers when it comes to tax increases, but the bottom line is the bottom line.  If you raise taxes nearly 20% per term without increasing revenues something always gives out. Even worse, if you borrow money to pay for aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s very hard to be a good liar.   Keeping up a false veneer takes a lot of stamina and skill.  People like Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement ultimately fail and badly.   While Councilor Clement likes to come across as sweetness and light with bountiful positivity more andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Residents of South Stormont are truly learning that you do get the government you deserve. They’re also learning that we need to do more than just vote every four years to not only protect our communities, but to grow them progressively and productively. Elect idjits and well,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN can confirm that CAG, the Community Action Group, supposedly dedicated to fighting rising taxes in Cornwall has dissolved. Group leader Gerry Benson spoke with CFN after appearing at council to beg for more cash for his vanity Liberal slush fund excuse to pump cash into theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the Sunshine List coming out (a list of public servants earning over $100K annually) it’s frightening to see the escalation of Cornwall area services, especially at City Hall where there’s a wage freeze and hiring freeze of unionized employees while management is seeing in some cases,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When you talk to people in Cornwall many are stunned to realize how much cash the City of gives to fund Aultsville Theatre and how little the community gets for its dollars, especially during a budget time that just had council pass a motion to keep theContinue Reading

Dear Editor:  The taxpayers of the City of Cornwall are looking at a roughly 8% increase in their property taxes, unless Council makes some decisions otherwise. The Fire Master Plan is designed to save lives and money.  It follows a Guideline from the Ontario Fire Marshal and it’s based onContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Cornwall City Council let it’s 36 year old public art gallery die.   It’s funding cut off to ZERO with many stating that it was dirty politics because of councilors like David Murphy & Bernadette Clement, along with Carilyne Hebert and Elaine MacDonald who actually broke the lawContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The city of Cornwall Ontario spends approximately 1,531, 850 per month for policing.   Based on their own released numbers for the Month of October of 1,370 calls for service or eligible incidents the grand total per call/incident is a whopping:  $1,118.14! As the city wrestles with runawayContinue Reading

Canada’s high-priced beer, wine and spirits hard to swallow “Raise the Bar” report card calls on Ottawa and provinces to improve pricing, taxation and interprovincial trade   TORONTO, Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — High prices, unfair taxation and outdated rules continue to frustrate Canada’s bar and restaurant owners. Those are theContinue Reading

The Cornwall Community Police Service board are asking for a 1.56 per cent increase for 2018. Retiring Chief Dan Parkinson submitted the proposal to the board Wednesday during the monthly Police board meeting which would bring the 2018 total to a WHOPPING $18,669,015 or $51, 147. 99 per day!  TheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s tough being number one sometimes.  It means the jealous kids won’t play with you much; at least the underdeveloped and really immature ones. For example I have a lot of media peers outside of Cornwall that I get along with, and even sometimes collaborate with, butContinue Reading

CUPE Ontario president joins Cornwall’s municipal workers in defending quality of city’s services   CORNWALL, ON – The president of CUPE Ontario will join Cornwall’s municipal workers this evening and urge them to continue standing up for high-quality public services in the city.   President Fred Hahn will address a rallyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the public screaming about high taxes, outside lawyers vulturing businesses getting MPAC valuations down to the point of impacting city budgets, and talk of a 6% tax hike to help fill empty infrastructure reserves,  Council approved huge wage increases for senior management including CAO Maureen Adams.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Economic Development is one of the biggest envelopes in the City of Cornwall’s budget.  It also now entails tourism. Sadly, under the reign of Mark Boileau & Bob Peters it’s been an underperforming joke.  Oddly enough Boileau was promoted up and Peters was given tourism and someContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The City and Township of South Glengarry are about to review a report from a consultant about the Cornwall Regional Airport. After reading the report this writer is stunned at the money pit that it’s been for taxpayers of Cornwall, and how badly the file has beenContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Ever watch a bunch of unqualified people, some of whom are dumber than David Murphy debate an issue that is way out of their depth? Council is talking about kicking back property taxes for 10 years to a real estate developer. The property, to be usedContinue Reading