Clement Does the Lumley 2 Step On Cornwall Saving Cash from CUPE STRIKE 091218

Clement Does the Lumley 2 Step On Cornwall Saving Cash from CUPE STRIKE 091218

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s very hard to be a good liar.   Keeping up a false veneer takes a lot of stamina and skill.  People like Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement ultimately fail and badly.   While Councilor Clement likes to come across as sweetness and light with bountiful positivity more and more people see through that.

Sadly she most likely be our next mayor simply because of a rigged game and the cabal between certain politicians, local organized labour,  and a corrupt dysfunctional city hall management team.

The latest was the utterly disrespectful and false suggestion that the city somehow saved money during the CUPE worker strike that appeared in the Standard Freeholder after a city report came out.

For a city staffer to suggest savings of $647K begs the question of who asked for such a question and why?   Could it be wounded feelings for leading council down a path of fiscal idiocy with a very much unneeded strike?   Looking over the silly numbers one also asks where is the value for services not rendered?  If $647K of services were not rendered to the public there were no savings, simply agreed upon services not rendered.

Clement has been a strong member of a council that has jacked up the tax levy each of the last two terms by nearly 20% per term without adding value to the ratepayer!  Much of those dollars went to legal bills and raising salaries of Emergency workers.     That’s an utter fail, but then Ms Clement doesn’t really, nor ever has actually earned her money in the free market.  Her legal clinic is essentially taxpayer paid.

A recent person who was considering moving back told me the taxes on the house she wanted to purchase were a whopping $5,700!  Now add in that Cornwall Electric rates are higher than Hydro One and that’s a recipe for disaster if your goal is to actually grow this community.  She is not moving back.

Clement’s political history is one of cowardice and greed.   She doesn’t stand up for important issues, in fact hides from them, and then tried grab the MP’s seat.   That’s not a crime.  What is a crime is for anyone to vote for her for any office at this stage.

I know I can’t afford her tax raising give nothing back to the community saccharine sunny ways.

Can you?

And that’s the tragedy of this election.  With O’Shaughnessy running to block Murphy votes Clement will be mayor.  Not that Murphy is worthy of voting for either.  As the Benson Org’s fart piece on council you may as well have my dachshund Fitzy in place.  At least he wouldn’t damage the community the way Murphy has.

No, it’s an ugly election, game rigged by city hall.  All one has to do is look at who signed whose endorsement sheets and who’s related to who.   And preposterously enough you have candidates that are earning their daily dollar from city coffers being allowed to run for council so that they can double dip and tow the company line like the utterly shameless Kelly Bergeron.

Maybe that’s why, as was stated by the Prescott Water Park developer, Cornwall isn’t on the map, and frankly won’t be until City Hall is cleaned up and that can only happen if good candidates feel confident the public will take action.

Maybe in four years.  Maybe never?

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