BREAKING Gerry Benson Confirms Community Action Group Dissolved 042418

Cornwall Ontario – CFN can confirm that CAG, the Community Action Group, supposedly dedicated to fighting rising taxes in Cornwall has dissolved.

Group leader Gerry Benson spoke with CFN after appearing at council to beg for more cash for his vanity Liberal slush fund excuse to pump cash into the NAV Can facility that appears to not pay any municipal taxes to the City of Cornwall.  His group was asking the city to commit $50K per year for TEN YEARS which essentially pay the rent and contribute to Kelly Bergeron’s salary.

The group, which hasn’t posted on its facebook page since 2014…

The Cornwall Community Action Group is therefore asking candidates to sign below, if they agree for their 2014-2018 term in council, that they will to do everything in their power to “Roll Back” property taxes in the city of Cornwall with the goal of reducing the difference between property taxes in the city of Cornwall and our east and west neighbours during the next term in council. 

…asked those running for office (I signed as a mayoralty candidate) to sign the pledge above.

This writer asks how can you ask a council to cut taxes while coming to, asking for, and receiving thousands of dollars of cash from those that can least afford it when you’ve made a family fortune in a community?

Why simply would Gerry and his chums simply not write a cheque or two which would be tax deductible instead of asking for us to use our taxes to pay for his vision?

Mr. Benson did not respond to questions while slurring this writer.   Mr. Benson is pushing Councilor David Murphy to run for council who is under investigation for allegedly hitting on female students while teaching journalism at St. Lawrence College (#metoo).

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is Mr. Benson a hypocrite for leading CAG while asking the city for cash?  Should the city have ever given a penny to his vanity project?  Should the city spend any funds or support initiatives at NAVcan just because Flipper gets good service there?   And should we see an aging politico get to push his stooge into the highest elected office in our city?

Did Mr. Benson or any of the supposed leaders of CAG(Sandy Cameron, Dr. Michel Dubuc, David Enns, Tammie Menard, Bryan Merkley, or Roy Perkins (who was also at the meeting last night)) ever really care about lowering taxes in Cornwall or was it just an excuse to dump poor Bob Kilger?

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  1. Crooked! Jamie, will you be running for mayor? If yes I vote YES for you! Out with the old (very old) and in with the new! Things need to change!

  2. Author

    Bob I honestly and sincerely hope that there are better people than I who will run for mayor or council this term. I have publicly stated though that if the Benson’s push David Murphy to run that I would run against Mr. Murphy, if only to try and protect our community from the very policies and culture that are destroying it. If I do run again, which I really hope to not do, it would be to run and not send a message like my last campaign.

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