Cornwall Policing Call Cost for October 2017 – $1,118.14 per Incident!

Cornwall Ontario – The city of Cornwall Ontario spends approximately 1,531, 850 per month for policing.   Based on their own released numbers for the Month of October of 1,370 calls for service or eligible incidents the grand total per call/incident is a whopping:  $1,118.14!

As the city wrestles with runaway increases to fire, police, and paramedic service isn’t it time for answers instead of a police board with two members of council (the mayor and councilor Andre Rivette who was alleged to use his status to get out of a police charge prior to becoming chair of the police board this term) rubber stamping increases?

Should simply basic questions for example lead to a refusal of service as is happening currently with this writer?  Should our police chief refuse to issue call releases or amounts as do the police as minimally as they do?

Both fire and police services owe those that pay their salaries answers.   The bigger question is why other media are not following CFN and asking those important questions and why so many on this council are staying silent as they mull a tax increase as high as 8% in an election year.

With infrastructure falling apart, reserves nearly dry, industry and commerce fleeing, and the tax base shrinking clearly this is a time for those that care about this community to start asking more questions or prepare to write much larger tax cheques to support so many that benefit from Cornwall while not paying their way.

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