Hannfords in Massena NY To Close – Bon Ton Closing Too 112917

Cornwall Ontario – To many shoppers from Cornwall Hannafords, is one of our favorite grocery stops over the border in Massena.   Thanksgiving saw many Canadians flock to get their 39 cents per pound Turkey’s for US Thanksgiving.

Sadly, the longtime store will be closing when its lease is up in July.   The St. Lawrence Mall has been suffering and now is losing the Bon Ton store.  Between the two closings over 100 jobs will sadly be lost to the community.

Hannafords has consistently been the best grocery store servicing Massena for years.  Many of the staff there have been there since this writer starting shopping there in 2004.  The chain said they are offering staff at other locations.

What do you think about the loss to Massena dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. This is nothing at all a tiny village. Wait until you see what is going to happen in 2018 – a huge worldwide economic crash. I just bookmarked something that is reliable from the net and I heard about this going to happen soon. We haven’t been to the US in a mighty long time and don’t need to at all. We shop here at home.

  2. There is talk if NAFTA is scrapped that our Canadian dollar will go down to 60 cents US. Canada should never have just depended on the US. In past years life was better under a better PM as well as a better President of the US. In all my 66 years I have never seen a President so heavily insulted and criticized as what is going on anymore. Shop at home and support our own economy.

  3. The wars in the world all have to do with economy. When there was the Great Depression of 1929 what brought the economy back was WWII. Oh yes it is mighty bad and when you see wars it means that the economy has fallen and also for drugs, and other things. Canada is in a humoungous trouble in economy and debt.

  4. It’s sad news that more retailers are closing. Change is in the it but I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom unless the deep state start another war. Canada was just fine before NAFTA. The US dollars days as the world reserve are over We should start planning for that.

  5. I know, I know, I know

  6. Before NAFTA Canada had jobs and we were well. What brought NAFTA on were the high cost of things that could be done cheaper elsewhere but cost us a lot of jobs. We are no longer living in the same type of world that once was unfortunately. Some Americans want to overthrow and kill Pres. Trump and that would lead to a Civil War in the US if that ever happens. The world has gone insane.

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