Amazon PR Stunt by Bob Peters Highlights Reason for Change in Economic Dev092117

Cornwall Ontario –  Economic Development is one of the biggest envelopes in the City of Cornwall’s budget.  It also now entails tourism.

Sadly, under the reign of Mark Boileau & Bob Peters it’s been an underperforming joke.  Oddly enough Boileau was promoted up and Peters was given tourism and some outside agencies; IE more responsibility.

Another media outlet floated a PR stunt almost as lame as the paid Globe story about Cornwall becoming “Hollywood North” a few years ago.

Peters used city resources to have Cornwall attempt to compete for the new HQ even though in an interview he seems to get that Cornwall doesn’t have the qualifications for the bid.

There was no announcement by Mr. Peter’s in his favorite media outlet, the Seaway News, about trying for Giant Tiger which is a Canadian retailer who built their distribution center just down the 401 instead of in Cornwall.

With lawyers flocking to Cornwall looking to rake in some easy money helping our industrial and commercial sector get their property valuations reduced to further decimate our tax base maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Council to decide that a better direction is needed from management?

Maureen Adams, the CAO, is responsible for the Boileau and Peter’s promotion.  Any change would have to include her being removed as well.

With rumbles of a 6% tax increase in an election year to help with infrastructure reserves ratepayers in Cornwall might just be realizing how badly this city is being run financially by an inept council and corrupt managers, many of whom don’t even live in Cornwall and love to shop outside of the city like Mr. Peter’s own wife Traci.

This Amazon stunt is a bitter taste in the mouths of those businesses struggling in a weak Cornwall Economy that is getting weaker under the current regime, as well as those struggling to find employment that doesn’t involve a temp agency.

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  1. In order to run a company you need very good management and a good working team. Everything is taken into consideration of the ages of the people in town and most of Cornwall is very old and dead. The young have left except for a certain few. Management requires university and the least college.

  2. It seems Bob Peters and his ED colleagues can’t read. The Amazon prerequisites clearly state what is required to qualify. Cornwall does not need any publicity stunts pulled. It may be to get our name “out there.” But with recent bad publicity do we really need this kind of stunt? NO!!!!!

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