It Really Wasn’t Council That Made the Children Cry in South Stormont – by Jamie Gilcig 042818

Cornwall Ontario – Residents of South Stormont are truly learning that you do get the government you deserve.

They’re also learning that we need to do more than just vote every four years to not only protect our communities, but to grow them progressively and productively.

Elect idjits and well, you get the mess you have in South Stormont and other communities.

At root of this issue is the loss of a beloved Park to developers JF Markell Homes Ltd. & Arrowhead Developments.

While a weak council and an ignorant nasty human bit of waste of mayor in Jim Bancroft are easy targets, it simply isn’t their fault to the degree of the public outcry.  It may be the balm that soothes, blaming the likes of a rabid lunatic like Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, but can one truly blame her?  Is she or any on South Stormont council that powerful?

South Stormont had its own print newspaper.

The Deputy Mayor above pictured with criminal and group leader Kevin Dockery(and alleged police informant)  in a post from a hate group, now dissolved after multiple lawsuits against it and members including Hart being part of a conspiracy which resulted in a cash award to paralegal James Moak.

Would any reasonable person not think that having a print paper deliver important news like the issue of development and protecting parks would not have been read?

There was never any public outcry when Hart participated in an actual newspaper burning party at the home of fellow candidate Richard Currier whose wife Ruth was also nailed in the conspiracy lawsuit that resulted in a victory and cash award to paralegal James Moak, one in which Currier testified under oath that she had to write out Hart’s complaint to the law society because Hart couldn’t.

The township bought an ad in the Seaway News which isn’t remotely close to being the most read media in the area and is far behind this newspaper for example, or even the Standard Freeholder.   Frankly it might have been cheaper to just use Canada Post for a direct mailing than buy an ad in the Seaway News.

It’s true that the township seemed to purposefully bury information by poorly describing the little they did share with the public, but South Stormont is a small place and people talk.  Clearly more people needed to take action and be more involved before getting to this point.

The bottom line is that you get the government you deserve.   If you voted for thugs that went to newspaper burning parties and campaigned to kill its only local media outlet, well, do you really have anything to complain about when your local government behaves like this?  The number one reason why elected officials attack newspapers is exposure of their activities; like selling out beloved parks to developers, or waterfronts.

Sorry is not a solution ever.  It’s usually just mitigation by someone who gets caught doing something they know is wrong and would never apologize for unless caught like Ms Hart after her four week penalty by the Integrity commissioner after essentially creating and delivering fake news.

There are solutions.  Markell and Arrowhead are not dumb companies.  They may not be smart, but even they know that the fallout for this without a solution will probably hurt their bottom line eventually; especially if some of the angry locals toss out the dead weight from this council.

2018 will be an interesting election.   Will the people vote in a rabid lunatic like Tammy Hart for mayor?  That would be a further step back than the many steps back South Stormont has taken this term, and clearly send a message to potential investors in South Stormont and people considering retiring to the community.

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